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Yes, you can be your own designer without having to pay an arm and a leg. If you like a particular design, you could wear it!

That’s the own gist of DIY Fashion, which incidentally I have blogged about in 2010. I do realise that I have been revisiting old topics these days. A sign of fashion revival? Or an indication that this blog has covered many themes over the span of ahem… close to 6 years?

I digressed. With the advent in printing technology, you could now easily introduce your favourite picture or pattern and wear them with pride – as a watch, or on your nails!


Customise your own nail wrap!


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I wanted to go berserk with colours by match my new Versace for H&M silk blouse from the Cruise collection with this yellowish-green pants that I unearthed from a recent spring-cleaning session. However, the regular cut of that pair of green pants made me look more frumpy than ever when worn with this breezy loose-fit blouse. So, I went for my light-washed denim skinnies instead.

Blouse: Versace for H&M Cruise Collection | Denim: Esprit | Watch: La Mer
Shoes: Courtesy of The Shoe Design Studio | Bag: Courtesy of Coach


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I remember a couple of years ago, I came across some websites that allowed users to design your own shirt and leather bags. Finally, in Singapore, we ladies can let our imagination run wild and design our very own coveted shoes with The Shoe Design Studio.

Here’s the pair of shoes that I designed. Blue Leather + Teal Patent + Pink Nubuck + Black Trimming = MsGlitzy’s Special Shoes!


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The clock is ticking.. have you decided on your Chinese New Year outfit?

If you are lazy to hit the shops now, and given that it’s probably too late to order anything online. Here’s an idea: raid your boyfriend/husband’s wardrobe!

All you need: a men’s shirt with a decent, hopefully festive shade or print, OR an oversized tee shirt.

1) Transform a men’s shirt into a dress, top or skirt!


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Not long ago, I came across this mi adidas site which allows you to customise your adidas sports shoes or Superstar sneakers. I checked with adidas Singapore and found out that we do have mi adidas service over here, although it was meant for customising sports (or performance) shoes only.

Thanks to adidas Singapore, I had the opportunity to try out the mi adidas customisation service, and make a pair of one-of-the-kind sports shoes for myself!

The mi adidas service is available in Singapore since 2005, and by today, there are more than 10 different shoe ranges available for customisation!


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Because we want fashion that define us and we wish to unleash our creativity without compromising on workmanship. I have found two places where we can “design” our own items – and the good news is,  there’s one for the men and one for the women. So everyone, rejoice!

1. Blank Label

It’s easy-peasy for guys who hate shopping. You choose the fabric you like – there are 60 of them to choose from, select the type of collar, cuff , placket, shoulder details etc. The base price for a shirt is US$45, and you can include the bells and whistles (such as contrast inner lining, embroidered initials, your own label etc) at additional costs. When in doubt, there’s an online customer service personnel that you can seek help from.

Because you have to indicate your size and your measurement, the fit is likely to suit your body type. Based on the reviews I have read on the web, the shirts are generally well-made and if you dislike what you receive, Blank Label will refund.

So, it takes merely 10 minutes to custom-made a shirt and the good news is, Blank Label ships internationally at US$15-25. I’m very jealous, because there is no such service for the ladies!

2. Laudi Vidni

For the bag hags who can’t find the right one – you can now go and make your dream bag!  There are a variety of sizes ranging from a tiny wristlet to a  medium-sized hobo and large tote for you to choose from. You can customise the type of leather material for different parts of the bag, and even dictate the lining and the colour of the goldware for your design.

Here’s the bag I designed – and it’s a reptile!

Pricing of the bag range from US$100-700, depending on the size and the material you choose. Laudi Vidni is able to ship internationally.

I think someone needs to come up with a DIY dress website. I wanna design my own dress!

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