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So the story began like this… My lips have been very dry and chapped for the past year and I had tried so many different lip balms. Some worked ok, but none really solved the root of the problem. The dry air-conditioned environment in the office didn’t help. My lips could be nursed back to recovery over the weekend and once I returned to the office, these flaky and dry bits would return with vengeance.

One day, over lunch, my colleague spotted my terribly unappealing lips.

“Which lip balm do you use?”

“XXX. (A really fine brand which I shall not name).”

“What? You use XXX* and your lips are still so dry? Can I suggest you try the Eight Hour Cream? I have been using it for years.”

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The temperature has gone up and the sun is shining bright in this little island of ours. It’s time to block the UV rays out of our precious skin unless we want premature aging!

(Left to right)
1. Elizabeth Arden White Glove Extreme Brightening UV Protector SPF 50 PA+++ (S$79)
2. Shiseido Multi-Defense UV Protector SPF 50 PA+++ (S$59, to be launched in June)
3. Clarins UV Plus Day Screen High Protection SPF 40 UVA-UVB/PA+++(S$74, available in tinted and neutral versions)
4. Kiehl’s Ultra Light Daily UV Defense SPF 50 PA+++ (S$68 for 30ml).

Several skincare companies have launched their power UV defense products recently. I have gotten hold of the offerings from my favorite brands, as you can see from the above picture. One blanket statement that I would like to make having tried all 4 products is that these sun screens are all pretty decent, although they are priced towards the higher side. So the question is, which one gives you more bang for the buck?

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In April’s issue of Singapore Women’s Weekly, there is a section for Beauty Addicts to share their favourite beauty products. The writer interviewed several beauty gurus such as make-up artists, hairstylists, celebrities, bloggers, models, fashion and beauty buyers etc. And I am honored to contribute my views to this feature!

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What does “Pretty Hot” means to you?

“Pretty Hot” is the name of the latest fragrance from Elizabeth Arden, and is seen as the sultry sister of its previous fragrance “Pretty””.

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Recently, there have been an avalanche of whitening product launches by various beauty brands. I was told that the March-April period is the beginning of the “whitening season”, probably because summer is approaching and sun protection becomes essential.

As most of you probably know, I have been using Shiseido White Lucent series on and off for a year now. I will also share with you 2 ranges of whitening products concocted specially for Asian skin types from Clarins and Elizabeth Arden in this post.

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November was a frenzy. I was busy at work, skipped some events and got caught up with the whirlwind of information on Lanvin for H&M and then there was the fantabulous news of H&M finally landing in Singapore.

[25 November] Lovely Christmas lights (and Harvey Nichols) at The Landmark Tower in Hong Kong! [link]

Of course, I was also in a mad rush for my personal trip to Hong Kong. I managed to squeeze time out of my hectic schedule to check out the H&M store at Canton Road – yes I am predictable like that – as well as visit The Landmark, a luxury shopping mall. This is how much of a city shopaholic that I innately am.

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As you can tell from the discussion on Facebook and Twitter, everyone has their own definition of “lazy days“.

1. No matter how lazy you are, use sunblock!

As all of us already know, too much UV radiation on the skin is harmful and accelerates aging and pigmentation. Because I am lazy, I like to use products with SPF. If you are like Scarletscandals who prefers to “go naked” on lazy days, do invest in a decent sunblock.

For the number conscious, SPF 50 is really high and rather rare in the market. While I am under the school of thought that SPF 15 is usually sufficient for day-to-day, you might want to play safe and practise ultra protection especially if you are heading out for some extreme sun sports.

What I like about the Kiehl’s Ultra Light Daily UV Defense (S$68) is its light texture and matte finish. I have slightly oily skin but I do not see the need of applying loose powder over the sunblock. As the formula contains moisturizing benefits and antioxidants, you can leave the house without applying another moisturizer. To sum up, it provides you with good sun protection, but makes you feel like “applying nothing at all”.

2. Go short on makeup, long on skincare

For Steph and Hitomi, their definition of lazy days is to cut back on cosmetics but they will not skip their favourite skincare products. Yes, you may be bitten by the sloth bug, but there is no way that you can compromise on protecting your skin!

3. Lazy products with some coverage benefits

There are lazy days when you feel ashamed of some of the imperfection on your skin and do not want to cripple your self-confidence by showcasing them to the rest of the world.

If you fall into this category, I would recommend the Elizabeth Arden Pure Finish Mineral Tinted Moisturizer ($52), which has won over Sarah and me.

I have never been a fan of liquid foundation or tinted moisturizer because of its seemingly thick texture, which gave me a guilt pangs that I am potentially clogging my pores big time. In addition, some tinted moisturizers do not smell good.

Available in 3 shades, EA’s version has a light texture and provides decent coverage. If you have some slight redness or mild blemishes, the product is able to conceal them and give your face a rather dewy finish.

And because it contains SPF 15, there is acceptable sun protection benefits!

The downside of getting acquainted to this tinted moisturizer is that I became lazier with my makeup procedures these days. (!!)

4. Add-ons for lazy days

Of course, if you are lazy but do not wish to appear so, you could add on blusher for radiance and put on a lipstick for some colour – that’s probably the category that mswenz and I belong to.

And on the other end of the spectrum, if you would like to go for a “sans makeup” face, you could go with the 3 basic items that I shared previously- sun protection, concealer, blush and lip balm. Easy peasy.

So there you go…  it is acceptable to be a bit lazy and sometimes, being lazy feels strangely liberating!

Reminder: While I was gifted the Kiehl’s sunblock and the EA tinted moisturizer, the above reviews (just like all my previous reviews) are my unbiased personal opinion!

Photo credit: Kiehl’s and Elizabeth Arden

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