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I have been receiving information on events and promotions which I am not sure whether all of you are keen on reading. I have picked up three upcoming events in September for this inaugural News Bulletin post.

Do let me know whether you will be interested to read about such information on a regular (perhaps monthly?) basis.

6-9 September 2012: The New Ageless Skincare Workshop by La Mer


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It has been a while since I last attended a Kiehl’s event – which I believe was 2 years ago? I always look forward to attending an event organised by Kiehl’s.. because:

You get greeted by cute Kiehl’s Boys at the entrance!


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Rather than do a look-through of December, I decided to revisit 2010 with photos from my Facebook page.

[May 15, 2010] 3 of us before the Shiseido Beauty Chat. Janice reached slightly later. It’s great getting to know these ladies!


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I was at a Gucci event earlier on. I think I just need to adopt Little French Girl‘s hairstyle and I can pass off as Anna Wintour!

Dress: Victoria’s Secrets| Shoes: Hush Puppies| Skinny belt: MNG| Bag: Céline|
Necklace: M)phosis (pretty poor quality, shall never buy accessories there!)

Little French Girl was wearing everything from Taiwan – save for her Chloé bag and YSL Arty ring .. still French labels nonetheless.

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Because I’m a UOB Lady’s Card holder and because I’m worth it, I was invited to the G2000 Winter Collection showcase at the newly-opened 313@Somerset store.

For the uninitiated, G2000 is an Asian brand famed for their business clothes and work wear. The piecess showcased at their fashion show would not really garner much oohs and ahhs but there were some corporate styles which I thought were good inspirations:

See, office wear can be interesting! I especially love the botton right green outfit. The furry scarf literally brightens up an otherwise very normal work outfit and the scarf looks comfortable for sunny Singapore.

For the men, you can be suave in purple!

Another takeaway from this event is that G2000 has some classic and well-made winter jackets selling at attractive prices. For those who are looking for a jacket for your upcoming winter getaway, you can visit the store at 313@Somerset and get 15% off using the UOB card!

I have uploaded all the styles from the fashion show onto my Facebook, so do take a look – I spent a lot of time editing the photos – and be inspired!

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It is never easy to promote a culture. I see the Sundown Festival – Seoul’d Out event as an ingenious attempt to incorporate traditional Korean culture with contemporary Kpop. While they invited some Korean pop stars to be the crowd pullers, audience got to enjoy cultural fringe acts and be treated with traditional Korean food in the lineup of food stalls reminiscent of Dongdaemun.

I was invited to this event’s press conference and it was quite eye-opener. I will share with you what the Korean celebrities were wearing at the press conference, which was only opened to the media.

As indicated in the title, this post is on the male celebrities outfits.

T Max

This is a popular all-male trio with one member (Kim Joon) being a F4 of the popular “Boys Over Flowers” Korean drama. They were dressed pretty casually but the immaculately styled hairdo make them look every inch like celebrities.

Coherent colour scheme of black, white and gray.

Full length shots of Pak Yun Hwa (left) and Kim Joon (right). Pimping their boots!

Lee Ji Soo

He is not a very famous singer but he looked really different from the promotional pictures. Definitely more manly in this carefully assembled outfit. This casual outfit screams details – the embellishments on the lapels of the jacket, the necklace and the black chain.. and last but not least bling bling Nike high cuts!

FT Island

They are apparently very popular and have loads of fans! Their outfits were also the most interesting!

(Extreme left): Seung Hyun is in this double-breasted blazer and sheen pants. I have seen similar blazer for girls on Gmarket.  I so wanna order one jacket now!

Guys can try out blazer with Dr Martens/high cuts for a smart casual look. Hongki, who has blond hair, was wearing a crop white blazer, layered necklace and shoes with splattered paint patterns.  I think this is a cool outfit for girls too!

Jong Hun (guy on the extreme right), who had windswept hair, was in this very cool combination of animal prints and purple dyes. I will never match 2 clashing prints together but I must say he rocked that look.

Actually, Jong Hun (windswept hair) is wearing navy blue moccasins with purple textured pants!


I’m really impressed with Jong Hun’s ensemble, although my personal favourites are Lee Ji Soo and Seung Hyun (FT Island).

Thanks Lynette of Kokokoreano for donating some pictures to me. It was tough to pit against everyone’s huge cameras. For more pictures of the event, please refer to my Facebook.

And of course, thanks Adlena of Touchcomm for inviting me to this event! It was an interesting experience!

More to come on the Girls’ Looks.

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