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You may probably be aware by now, that Net-A-Porter has launched a new activewear category on their shopping site since July this year. Aptly named as Net-A-Sporter, this section offers stylish pieces, including those from new designers, to shoppers.


The online luxury fashion retailer had a press preview on the items available on Net-A-Sporter and I had a chance to see, touch and feel the design and quality of these sport apparel.

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The motivation to work out has got to be flaunting your pretty fitness gear. I always joke about how I try to look good in my fashionable yoga gear but while on the mat, I just can’t work many of the asanas.

Anyway, I digressed. US retailer Anthropologie recently launched a new activewear section and gosh, everything on the site looks so cute!


Colourful printed leggings!

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I started to attend some yoga classes recently. The fun part of working out is of course, shopping for yoga outfits. In this post, I have collated photos of Hollywood celebrities in their yoga/post-yoga gear.


Vanessa Hudgens after her yoga class. As the weather is cold, she draped on a hoodie and boots but it is undeniable that her yoga pants looks very cool!

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I am the last person who would willingly spend half a day in a gym. But hey, I recently realised that this is actually possible. And the gym that I had the luxury to spend half a day in was the newly opened Virgin Active located at One Raffles Place.


Sprawling 33,000 square feet across three levels, Virgin Active Raffles Place is equipped with state-of-art machines to help you work out efficiently.

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I took part in one of the runs organised by PUMA Running Club last Thursday and boy, it was quite an experience!

Before I delve into the specifics, here’s an overview of my running style:

  • I am a lazy runner who doesn’t push myself hard enough. As such, I tend to lose discipline half way through the run.
  • I am pretty weak in terms of stamina, and have only been able to run 5km.


My co-worker and I tried our first session with the group last week.

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Following my previous post on sportswear, I wanted to share about some beauty tips while working out. During those days when I was a student in school for PE (short for physical education) classes, I didn’t bother to slap any product on my face or attempt to keep my skin clean and hydrated.

But times have changed, here are five tips and tricks that I would incorporate when I head out for my weekly jog.

It’s easy to stay fit and fabulous!

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The London Olympics has officially started, and it’s time to get heady about sporty pursuits. I believe one thing I did right this year was to get started with jogging. I have never been a fan of exercising but I am glad that I got past the inertia and started running regularly.

Moreover, the fashion scene has been oozing with sporty chic recently in line with the Olympics festivities. If you have been deliberating about starting your exercise regime, I hope that these trendy sportswear would help you get into the spirit of athleticism. After all, no one wants to hit the gym or the tracks looking less than fabulous.

This pair of Krypton leggings from London-based Lucas Hugh would be sufficient to get me jogging for more than once a week!

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