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… is the one that they do on your face, you know one of ’em ‘plump-up’ facials?

Because while my pregnancy has the unfortunate side effect of face-fattening, the postpartum period also introduces another… wrinkles.

And it seems to me they are coming on fast and furious and have no intention of leaving my face, like the residual pregnancy weight! How hard it is for those last 4 kilos to just disappear!

Anyway, as soon as I managed to get a babysitter for Keri, I booked myself an appointment at Spa Esprit at my choice location, Dempsey: because post-facial is often a terrifyingly hideous affair, it’s best that I can just duck into the car immediately after treatment so my uber red face (my skin is slightly on the sensitive skin, so any knick will leave very obvious marks and redness)  will not see the light of day and scare the wits out of passersby.

Besides with a nerve and eye-soothing view like this, it’s a no-brainer for me.

Lounge area overlooking le wild tropics outside


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Who would have known that tucked at a corner of Sephora Ion Orchard store is a treatment room from Dior, that is aimed at offering a luxurious and pampering session for patrons?

Simply walk towards the Dior makeup counter at Sephora and enquire on the facial treatment menu, and you could be led to a treatment spa room at the back!


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If you ask me what my biggest beauty problem is, I think its my near-permanent eye bags and dark eye circles. It’s so easy for me to look tired and I think I really need to find a solution to at least fake a chirpy and energetic appearance!

With that in mind, I went on a testing spree on eye products. I will be sharing reviews of some eye products that I have tried. Kick-starting this series is a review on “The Eyes Have It” treatment by Bliss Spa.

“The Eyes Have It” treatment is a 30-minute treatment that aims to provide instant brightening, smoothing and hydrating effects. My esthetician, Abel, explained that there would be 2 parts to the treatment – the exfoliation that eliminates the dead cells around the eye and then the seaweed mask which provides the desired brightening and de-puffing effects. As the eye area is very delicate, the mushroom enzymes help to exfoliate gently and eliminate dead cells around the area.

After the masks, Abel applied the Bliss All Around Eye Cream. Throughout the 30-minute treatment, I felt very comfortable and relaxed. This serene and cosy environment is also great for those who wanna de-stress after suffering from the lack of sleep! In fact, I think my eye bags indeed diminished after the treatment.

While the effect of the eye treatment is instant, Abel said that it would last for 2-3 weeks. Since frequent exfoliation is not advisable for the eyes, it is best to only do the eye treatment at maximum once a month.

For me, I have been using my eye-cream diligently to sustain my de-puffed and brighter eyes. At $65, I would highly recommend this treatment to those who have the same problem as me.

To book an appointment at Bliss Spa, you can call 6509 3511 or email blisssingapore@blissmail.com

Bliss Singapore
Sephora – ION
01-05/06 ION Orchard
Singapore 238801
(Follow the blue footprints in Sephora store to find your way to the spa!)

Eye product reviews will be out soonish.. so keep a lookout for it!

[EDITED: Bliss Spa has closed down in Singapore. Nonetheless, if you are residing in a country that has a Bliss Spa, do give this Eye Treatment a try!]

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