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Fashion is a funny thing. Trends get recycled and the old sometimes becomes new again. Like Lace. Something so feminine, delicate and classic has fast become the signature of this Fall season. Let’s see how the celebrities are doing in the Lace Race.

Sarah Jessica Parker in a trendy toga short lace dress.

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Because I have two smoky eye palettes in blue shades from the Fall/Winter makeup collections, I decided to do a comparison between Clarins and Dior palettes.

Starting off with a quote from Christian Dior, “Midnight Blue is the only colour which can ever compete with black.” Blue is a pretty basic eye shadow colour but the popular look next season would be a blend of silver, grey and deep blue to create the smoky eyes.

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As we progress to the Fall Winter season, beauty brands are launching new makeup collections to herald in the cool, wintry climate.

Clarins just launched its Colour Definition Autumn Collection and this season, the emphasis goes to the eyes!

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The perils of fashion blogging is you get temptations everywhere, sometimes when you least expect it. I received photos of the latest Fall/Winter collection from adidas SLVR and kinda got mesmerised. Especially this Sateen Tux Blazer which literally had me at hello.

The casual chic line continues to offer elegant and stylish clothing options that are both sport-inspired and smart for occasions. And yes, adidas has extended from sportswear to spiffy everyday wear through this label .

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The annual Audi Fashion Festival is coming to town again! Opening on 13th May, this year’s festival brings in a good mix of international and regional designers on the runway as well as international-acclaimed big names to Singapore.

Tickets are already on sale at $63-123 per ticket on Sistic. I have picked up some shows which I am kinda looking forward to!

13th May 2011, 7pm: Opening Show featuring Missoni AW 2011

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Last week, New York Fashion Week proved that fashion doesn’t have to always be one era in time. This fall season, channel your inner vintage self by taking inspirations from yesteryear. Whether you’re feeling the 70′s, 20′s or even the 90′s, you can make it work no matter what the day or decade.

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