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Feeling a bit of a high after watching our National Day Parade on TV! I am pleasantly surprised that our politicians ditched their usual all-white get up and donned national colours to the Parade this year.

Some of them did make an effort to dress up for the occasion. Here are a few photos that I managed to collate. Who do you think is the best dressed?


MP Foo Mee Har (left) and Indranee Rajah (right) looking resplendent in red and white! (Photo credit: Indranee Rajah Facebook)

This is what MP Indranee told the Straits Times about her saree outfit, “My outfit is a modern interpretation of the sari in our national colors but also a homage to our past. If you look closely, the sari blouse sleeve has a trimming around the edge. At one level it looks like a leaf pattern but on another it looks like a row of hearts. So you could say it’s my I❤️SG saree.” [Source]

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Tomorrow is Singapore’s Polling Day! Have you decided who to cast your vote for? To my non-Singaporean readers, the Singapore’s General Elections this year is the most highly contested in the nation’s history and certainly one which generated unprecedented level of national attention and debate.

Having seen and heard many candidates on the TV, Youtube, papers or at the rallies over the past couple of weeks, I have picked out three female candidates and taken the liberty to imagine what they should be wearing tomorrow. Let’s face it, the sartorial preference of female politicians should be as important as her policy recommendations and action plans. Look at how Michelle Obama was able to influence J Crew sales simply because she looked good in her outfit!

1. Tin Pei Ling (People’s Action Party)

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