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Singapore is hit by the Macaron fever again because we recently welcomed Ladurée to our shores!

I have tried Ladurée a few times abroad and even penned my thoughts on the blog years ago here. Nonetheless, the objective of today’s post is not so much a food review, but to pay tribute to the cute little macarons that has the power of making queue, fork out some dough and go “ooh and ahh” over their delightful presence.

You will be surprised by the number of fashion and beauty products inspired by macarons!



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Miss Glitzy is hungry from surfing FredFlare.com.

Pudding cup and saucer, US$30: Too yummy to be used.
Smiley Peanut Butter + Jelly earrings, US$10: Miss Glitzy loves bagels with PB & J!
Buttered toast wallet, US$15: Reminds Miss Glitzy of boluo buns.
Cherry earrings, US$18: Your earlobes will be too delicious to resist with these succulent cherry earrings.
Banana cell phone holder US$14: Folks would think you’re asylum-bound when you start talking to bananas!
Sprinkle heart ring US$11: Absolutely the sweetest accessory around!

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