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The Ah-Lian attitude is back… in Pedder Red AW15 Collection Campaign.

Titled as “Who Cares?”, you see some element of delinquent attitude in all the pictures below, which also showcase some of the key new footwear for the season.


Footwear showcased – Plaid Fabric with Fringe Skaters (S$180)

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A while ago, I played a prank on my followers via Instagram and Facebook.


Hmm, got myself a teeny weeny tattoo over the weekend.. #star #rednails #diorvernis999#isthismidlifecrisis

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The above art piece was created based on my brain waves. It is based on this “neuro technology” that gauges relaxation level via the EEG. The colour of the background and the types of icons are created based on your moods.

Known as “Break Art“, I had the chance to create this at a recent Kit Kat event. And boy, this is a wakeup call!

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This year has been a fantastic year for MsGlitzy.com and it wouldn’t have happened without the support of all of you!

I have selected some highlights of the year for the Christmas video below. I hope you will enjoy the little recap as much as I did.

Merry Christmas and have a good holiday with your loved ones!

Music: Let It Snow (Glee Cast Version) – Glee: The Music, The Christmas Vol. 2
Photos: Instagram (MsGlitzy)


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We all have the inner stylist streak in us. It was incubated since we played dress-up for our Barbie dolls as kids. Now, if we don’t have the privilege to be a real stylist or work in the fashion industry, at least we have Polyvore and Looklet to listen to our little voices.

And recently, Miss Glitzy discovered a new styling tool – Couturious!

As it is currently still at Beta stage, the models and clothes selection is rather limited. Give me Looklet anytime!

Nevertheless, I put together two Spring outfits through Couturious. Hopefully these give you some inspirations for your wardrobe!

I have been looking for a decent floral blazer. It’s tricky because it could look disastrous if the fit is wrong and the prints is too big/small/bright/overwhelming. Now you know, shopping for a floral blazer is as treacherous as a hike up Mount Kinabalu.

If you do not fancy wearing bright colours, just add a couple of feminine elements to the outfits. In this example, I opted for the draped skirt details and a violet bag.

Have fun!

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New Yorkers went big-headed on Easter Parade with their fanciful hats! For the uninitiated, the Eastern Parade is a informal event where participants just put on their best hats (traditionally known as Easter bonnet) and costumes and parade down 5th Avenue.

Flower power

Woohoo. Full blossoms.
Photos above are from NBC New York.

<< Blooming in Burgundy. Cool hat, matching dress and gloves complete with white stockings! Such Easter finery.

Photo on the left from Getty Images.

Miss Glitzy visited NYC 2 years ago in April but totally missed the Easter Parade! Wouldn’t it be fabulous if there is a dress-up parade for anyone and everyone like this in Singapore? Well, at least we have Halloween parties to work on…

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