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Happy Labour Day, everyone! Presenting the juicy bits that you missed on my Facebook page last month!

[14 April 2012] Grey silk+lace wedding gown with dusty pink roses… makes you wanna get married. (Photo from Harper’s Bazaar, shot at Yasmin Sewell’s wedding) [link]

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If you have been following my blog and outfits, you probably realise that my choice of low-heel shoes are often safe or maybe boring. One, I’m tall to begin with and piling another 10cm on me makes me a Giant. Next, fashionable shoes are almost always skyscrapers. I abhor high and skinny stilettos because they make me walk like RoboCop.

Which is why I welcome shoes with chunky heels – stable for walking and presentable for all occasions. And I noticed that several designers have introduced more comfortable shoes for the upcoming Spring. Thank goodness!

Look! Giorgio Armani paired gowns with flats!

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