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I was introduced to Australian-based jewellery store Jive Design recently. What struck me at first glance was the stylish statement jewellery available in store.

Upon much exploration in their online store, I could almost find something for everyone. The owner, Jan Sinclair, sources personally covering Australia, Italy, Germany, Mexico, Israel, Thailand and Indonesia. Most of the pieces showcased on Jive Design are the handiwork of distinctive jewellery designers all over the world.

And the good news is..  Jive Design is organising a giveaway for MsGlitzy.com readers! Here are the steps:


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I recognise that it has been a while since I organised a giveaway, given that the last one was the Fukubukuro giveaway held on the first day of 2011!

I am giving away this little sparkly from Aura by Swarovski worth S$120!

Each pendant contains the micronized Swarovski crystal and iridescent crystal shine powder which takes the make-up experience to another level. The Crystal Touch contains silver shimmer for your face and body.


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The title of this post is a quote by Russian poet Boris Pasternak.

In the midst of running the rat race in her real world, Miss Glitzy received 2 surprises that literally brightened up her life!

1) Winner of Noemi’s Giveaway


Miss Glitzy was a lucky winner of Noemi’s notebook giveaway and ohmagoshposhnosh the package was so nicely wrapped! She didn’t just give away a notebook with her painting, but also a little striped pouch for the notebook and a handwritten card.. and she drew MISS GLITZY’S PORTRAIT! Miss Glitzy looks so pwetty in the portrait, don’t you think?

Thanks Noemi! Do visit her blog, she is really a great artist!

2) DVF Fan of the Week

Miss Glitzy confesses that she hasn’t surfed on in DVF fan page for a while and she got a shock when she saw the Fan of the Week (FOTW) application:


It was then Miss Glitzy realised that she was selected as the FOTW in July
Nope, she didn’t win any dress or shopping voucher but it is such an honour to be selected!!

You deserve to be surprised too! Join Miss Glitzy’s latest giveaway and stand a chance to win an exclusive miniature Uniqlo tote!

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Scroll to the bottom of the post for Giveaway details!

The idea behind a poll on 3 “same same yet different” fashion brands came from a street interview that Miss Glitzy accepted outside the new Uniqlo Ginza store.

Miss Glitzy was in Tokyo for a holiday and happened to pass by the new Uniqlo store opening at Ginza. There was a lot of fanfare as staff were giving away Uniqlo balloons and there were opening specials! Miss Glitzy was also one of the early Singaporean birds to have caugh a glimpse of the new +J collection.


Anyway, there was a group of production crew standing outside the new store and sloppy Glitzy definitely looked like a foreigner amongst all the well-dressed Japanese patrons. The crew requested for a short street interview which Miss Glitzy gladly accepted.


The host asked Miss Glitzy some questions on she knew about Uniqlo and her views towards the new Ginza store. Here is an interesting excerpt of the not-so-short street interview:

Q: What other Japanese fashion brands have you heard of?
A: Errr, Swimmer! (The crew got a bit shocked.. ) Kawaii kawaii Swimmer! (The host and crew finally understood that Miss Glitzy was referring to this)

But Swimmer isn’t really a fashion brand..

A: (Pondered for a very long time..) Oh! BEAMS! (The host, translator and crew were beaming.)

The host even asked Glitzy how she knew of the word “Kawaii”..

After Miss Glitzy chatted a bit on Kawaii , the host fished out a little board with 3 rows and columns. The names on the 3 rows said “Uniqlo”, “GAP” and “H&M”. The 2 columns stated “Japanese” and “Foreigners”. On the foreigners section, there were a handful of green little stickers stuck on the brand Uniqlo.

Q: Can you choose your favourite brand out of the 3?
A: (Glitzy chose H&M). I like H&M because I’m of a bigger build, so their sizes flatter me better. In addition, H&M has more designs for work while Uniqlo is slightly more casual.


The interview ended well but Miss Glitzy wondered if the crew was upset by Glitzy’s forthrightness. She was the first person to pick a non-Uniqlo brand. One wonders if the foreigners that they had interviewed were too polite.




Miss Glitzy is giving away 2 Exclusive Miniature Uniqlo tote (Hello Kitty Kleenex not included)!

Miss Glitzy received these totes from the Ginza Uniqlo store opening and they are so cute and small enough for your mobile phone or other knick-knacks!

2 ways to win:

1) Become a Fan of “Miss Glitzy Monologue” on Facebook
2) Tweet this: “Win the exclusive Uniqlo miniature tote from @msglitzy! 2 such collector’s items to be won! For details, visit http://wp.me/ptAn-ti”

If you become a fan and you tweet this, you will have 2 chances to win!

Entries must be received by Sunday, 15th November 12.00PM (GMT +08.00 Singapore time).

A lucky winner will be picked via Random.org.

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