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I have been receiving information on events and promotions which I am not sure whether all of you are keen on reading. I have picked up three upcoming events in September for this inaugural News Bulletin post.

Do let me know whether you will be interested to read about such information on a regular (perhaps monthly?) basis.

6-9 September 2012: The New Ageless Skincare Workshop by La Mer


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It’s the time of the year where everything is pink and lovey-dovey. While I am certain that most of the readers of MsGlitzy.com are female, I am not sure how many male readers we have out there. Nonetheless, I am going to write a series of gift guides for Valentine’s Day which I hope will benefit both the gentlemen and the ladies. Perhaps the girls can do a better job to “hint hint” what we want from the men this year!

We ladies are like magpies because we like things that are shiny. Hence, a sure-win formula is to get her a stunning piece of jewellery!

1. For the Men with a Budget – GoldHeart Lovelle and Pink Blossom Collection


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We all love jewellery for how they add the critical finishing touch to our outfits. As much as we love collecting unique pieces that exude our personality, there are 5 key pieces every girl should have in her jewellery box, which like a black leather bag, will never go out of style.

Image: Weheartit


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November was a frenzy. I was busy at work, skipped some events and got caught up with the whirlwind of information on Lanvin for H&M and then there was the fantabulous news of H&M finally landing in Singapore.

[25 November] Lovely Christmas lights (and Harvey Nichols) at The Landmark Tower in Hong Kong! [link]

Of course, I was also in a mad rush for my personal trip to Hong Kong. I managed to squeeze time out of my hectic schedule to check out the H&M store at Canton Road – yes I am predictable like that – as well as visit The Landmark, a luxury shopping mall. This is how much of a city shopaholic that I innately am.


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Practical me could never understand the appeal of Shoulder Jewellery.

Also known as the Epaulet, it can be heavy and uncomfortable. The chain could potentially tear your blouse. But without a doubt, the shoulder jewellery also up the wearer’s cool and spunky factor by notches!


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Local jeweller Goldheart collaborated with local fashion designer Keith Png to present the “Sparkle with Glamour” fashion show at Singapore International Jewellery Show last Saturday.

For the occasion, Keith Png specially designed four dresses to complement the four exquisite showpieces from Goldheart.


The statement necklace consists of purple amethyst, rose quartz, diamonds and rose gold (S$69,278). Read More >>

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It’s Mother’s Day this Sunday!

  1. If you haven’t gotten your mom a gift, it’s time to think about it now!
  2. If you are a mom, it’s time to demand something from your husband!
  3. If you are not a mom and have already prepared a gift for your mom… buy something to pamper yourself!

Goldheart has launched 4 different collections specially for the occasion. Price ranges from $148 for a pendant to $998 for a lavish diamond piece.

I find some designs from these new collections quite contemporary:

(from left)
PEROLE pendant ($328): Gotta love that sweet floral design with a lovely hue of rose gold. The mother of pearl added a softer feminine touch, complementing the sparkling diamond.

PRECIOUS pendant ($248): Stylish shape of a dewdrop, with a funky dash of hot magenta.

REGALIA pendant ($278): This resembles a demure design of a gold and silver ribbon!

REGALIA earrings ($578): Bling bling bling! I would pamper myself with these if I could have my way.

Photo credit: Goldheart

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