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areyoubeingserveRemember Miss Glitzy and her shoe shopping mission?

Like Cinderella searching for the perfect fit, Miss Glitzy spent some time in different shoe stores looking, touching and trying.

There are quite a number of shoe stores that stock up size 41 these days. But how do they fare?

A glimpse of the mission…

Read about the Adventure of the Size 41 Shoegal on “Are You Being Served“!

Store 1: ZARA
The store at Takashimaya was crowded on a Friday evening. Miss Glitzy looked around and spotted a pair of grey leather boots! The boots were at the lower part of the shelf and scattered around in a mess. After randomly rummaging the selection, she concluded that no size 41 was available.

She approached a sales assistant, “Excuse me, can I have size 41 for this?”

Sales assistant replied politely, “Let me check.”

After 5 minutes, she returned and told me politely and apologetically that size 41 is out of stock. She didn’t suggest alternative sizes or initiate to check with other stores.

Miss Glitzy asked, “Can you check with the other branches if size 41 is available?”

The sales assistant returned with a slip of paper, asking Miss Glitzy to leave her name and contact number. She promised to contact Glitzy on the availability. One day passed, no call from Zara.

Case closed.

Store 2: Pazzion at Wisma Atria
This shoe brand does not really have size 41 shoes, for the benefit of those who have big feet like Miss Glitzy. Spotted a pair of bling bling dinner sandals that came in gold and silver, but only the silver ones were available in size 40 and those fit Miss Glitzy like a tee!

Bling Bling from Pazzion

Miss Glitzy told the store assistant, “But I like the gold ones better, can you check if other branches have the gold sandals in size 40?”

The store assistant made a few calls and found out that the Marina Square branch has it! She offered to have the shoes transferred from Marina Square to Wisma and Miss Glitzy could collect the following day or anytime at her convenience.

However, Miss Glitzy would need to pay at least a deposit first. Fair enough, since the shoe store is not charging additional cost for the transfer.

Store 3: Charles & Keith (Clifford Centre and Wisma Atria)
Miss Glitzy first visited the Clifford Centre branch on a Friday evening and there weren’t many shoppers there. She chose 4 pairs of shoes and requested for size 41 to try.

Only 2 pairs were available in the size and one of them was only available in a different colour. She made the sales assistant go back and forth to retrieve different sizes, before deciding on a pair of green and purple suede wedges that was not available in her size. Once again, the friendly sales assistant did NOT suggest checking the availability with other branches.

Miss Glitzy then made the request was told that none of the branches in Singapore has that pair of green and purple wedges in size 41!

The sales assistant was patient and friendly throughout but Miss Glitzy certainly wouldn’t take “No” for an answer.

The following day, Miss Glitzy visited Charles & Keith at Wisma Atria and boy, that store was like a madhouse because everyone was trying shoes! Business was clearly very good.

A very crowded Charles & Keith store

She picked a few pairs of shoes, including the green and purple suede wedges, and requested for size 41. The place was such a mess that Miss Glitzy wondered if the store assistant would be able to recognise her.

About 10 minutes passed, the store assistant appeared with many boxes of shoes for various customers. She passed size 41 and 40 for Miss Glitzy to try. That’s smart, bringing alternatives before the customer request for it.

Miss Glitzy really loved that leather peeptoes but decided to check on the availability of the green/purple wedges. The answer: None of the C&K branch in Singapore has it in size 41. This was consistent with the response from C&K Clifford Centre.

Crowded but pretty prompt service

And despite being flooded by customers who kept requesting for different sizes, the sales assistants were patient and responsive. Miss Glitzy noticed that the store did have a good method of managing the shoes/shoes boxes and the service staff were cool as a cucumber all the time.

Miss Glitzy made the decision to buy the leather peeptoes, and asked for the corresponding shoe box. From the overwhelming pile, the sales assistant effortlessly pulled the correct one out. She left the box of shoes at the cashier while Glitzy was supposed to queue up for payment. Itching to up the ante, Miss Glitzy decided to slip out of the C&K store for more than half an hour to get a drink. When she returned to the same crowded ‘madhouse’, she was delighted to find her peeptoes still at the cashier. “Ok, this is it” and Miss Glitzy was a happy shoegal.

Overall, the service staff were polite but none of them went the extra mile to initiate checking the availability in other branches. However, none of the staff scoffed at Glitzy’s big feet. Seriously, this happened in the past and Miss Glitzy suffered from Shoe-Shopping phobia since then! Probably, size 41 is getting acceptable here.

Another observation is that most of the really friendly and responsive service staff are non-Singaporeans. Most of the service staff at Charles & Keith Wisma Atria appear to be Filipino and Chinese nationals. Undoubtedly, foreign talents have done their bit in improving the service standards in Singapore.

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Miss Glitzy has a confession to make.

Guess what?

She hates shoe shopping!!!

Her size 41 feet has been ostracised in Singapore. No one loves size 41 feet. Pretty shoes come in the largest size of size 9 or 39/40. Or if they are available in size 41, they are usually (in fact, 99% of the time) out of stock.

You can’t believe how many times Miss Glitzy had stepped into a shoe shop, fell in love with a decent pair of shoes, approached the service staff only to hear that earth-shattering news that the shoes aren’t available. Sometimes, some persistent staff would bring out smaller sizes for Miss Glitzy to try (her luck). And that only made things even more heart wrenching!


Photo credits: Flickr

Interestingly, none of the shoe shop that stocks size 41 has ever offered to check with other branches on availability if the shoes are out of stock. It baffles Miss Glitzy why the service staff refuse to go the extra mile just to help a really love(shoe)lorn customer.

areyoubeingserveSo, as part of the “Are You Being Served?“, Miss Glitzy will be out to do some shoe shopping and evaluate the service standard of the staff. She is determined and resolute to finally get a pair of highly popular to-die-for size 41 ladies’ footwear and the patience of the service staff shall be tested in the process.

Meanwhile, do drop by the site to read some of the missions that the service squad has accomplished!

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