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I believe the rose is probably one of the most well-loved floral amongst womankind. The rose scent is used often in beauty products, the colour is associated to different shades of pink, rose oil helps to refine skin texture and possesses aromatherapy properties that calm and soothe.

What not to love about them?


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With summer season fast approaching – beauty launches are getting heated up again. Be prepared to witness an avalanche of new nail polishes and lip glosses this summer.

This post shall be a quickie post on two new nail shades – one set from Dior and another for Guerlain.


Dior Samba Summer Nail Duo.

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You know how much I love Capri. It would be so great if the Guerlain x Emilio Pucci makeup collaboration was launched earlier, so I could actually wear the Terra Azzurra collection during my vacation at the island off Italian coast!

I was at the launch of this collection 2 weekends ago and learnt some valuable tips from local makeup artist, Larry Yeo on how to create the “Luxurious Holiday Look“. I have edited a video so that you can learn from him at the comfort your home/office.

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One day, I received an email from local label, Trioon, about their new collection. I checked out the website and found the designer, Wei Ling, looked vaguely familiar. Upon further correspondence, we confirmed that we were high school band mates. She was my senior who played the baritone saxophone! Gosh, isn’t that an amazing discovery? I am so happy for her and her label. Do check out Trioon at Mandarin Gallery, #03-28 and support Wei Ling!

1. A meal at Fifteen London.

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I think we women can be rather superficial creatures. Admit it, we fall for beautiful things and packaging is important. How many times have you caved in.. to get something simply because the exterior was simply too irresistible?

This theory is the same for selecting perfume. The packaging of the fragrance plays a part in our purchase decision.

I wonder if anyone would get the limited edition Guerlain Idylle perfume, with the bottle shaped like a golden tear drop trapped in a unique glass capsule. To smell the perfume in the 18K gold bottle, you gotta shatter the glass! Talk about theatrics!

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