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Sometimes you may need to attend an event in a compulsory t-shirt that is given to all participants. How to look presentable and chic in an unflattering plain top?

All of us should learn from Gwyneth Paltrow..

Looking chic in her “Stand Up to Cancer” t-shirt with orange skirt, printed heels and cool armswag.


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Yes, Miss Glitzy and Gwyneth Paltrow share something in common. And no, it’s not the fact that both their names begin with the letter “G”.


Gwyneth Paltrow

Miss Glitzy

Miss Glitzy

Miss Glitzy has no bling or fur but the same chocolate gray nail polish!

It’s the OPI You Don’t Know Jacques from Fall 2008. Miss Glitzy is so smitten with this colour! It’s a weird taupe shade but very neutral, making it a perfect complement with colourful outfits or a great highlight to monochromes. As Autumn/Winter is approaching again, this colour is gonna take the cake!

You Don’t Know Jacques is one of the OPI Matte series and so you could go matte for a different texture by just opting out the top coat.

For more swatches of this to-die-for nail color, click here for Flickr images!

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