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There is a storm brewing in New York City: coats, scarfs, snowboots and over-turning umbrellas lining Spring Street from the gusty winds! In Singapore, we are having our own blizzard of thunderstorm days, and I’ve been told this is the “coldest” it gets here.

Luckily, we can keep the layered look year round by taking a hint from winter’s styling tips:

1. The Hat
While the hat doesn’t need to keep you warm in Southeast Asia, it certainly can keep you out of the sun and styled. Think Panama hats, floppys or headscarfs.

Topshop Stripe Band Panama Hat: £20, Pucci Raffia Floppy Hat: $166 USD


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I got to know of this Japanese brand CA4LA (‘kashira’, which means head in Japanese) recently and it got me a bit clickety-crazy when admiring the beautiful hats and hair accessories!

The Tokyo-based brand has over a dozen designers who each put their own personality and style in their designs. Approximately 70% of the merchandises are designed and produced in Japan. This is not strictly a domestic business though, as CA4LA also collaborates with international brands such as adidas and Swarovski!

(from left) Hairband (¥6,300 or SGD98), Knit Cocktail Hat (¥8,610 or SGD134)

(from left) Marietta Ear Muffs (¥5985 or SGD63) , Antique09 (¥9240 or SGD144)

I have a weakness for cute ear muffs… check out other interesting ear muffs here!

Not to forget, the main selling point of this brand is their eclectic collection of hats!

(top from left) ART (¥12,348 or SGD192), no. 5 newsboy cap (¥12,600 or SGD196)

(bottom from left) Miss&Mr (¥10,500 or SGD163), jou jou x CA4LA W beret (¥8925 or SGD139)

While the prices are on the high side, I couldn’t help but marvel at the wide variety of headgear available at the website. And, I seriously love the ear muffs!

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New Yorkers went big-headed on Easter Parade with their fanciful hats! For the uninitiated, the Eastern Parade is a informal event where participants just put on their best hats (traditionally known as Easter bonnet) and costumes and parade down 5th Avenue.

Flower power

Woohoo. Full blossoms.
Photos above are from NBC New York.

<< Blooming in Burgundy. Cool hat, matching dress and gloves complete with white stockings! Such Easter finery.

Photo on the left from Getty Images.

Miss Glitzy visited NYC 2 years ago in April but totally missed the Easter Parade! Wouldn’t it be fabulous if there is a dress-up parade for anyone and everyone like this in Singapore? Well, at least we have Halloween parties to work on…

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