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I got to know Hitomi via my blog, as she commented on my posts regularly. She really knows a lot about fashion, skincare and food and has been very helpful with her constructive comments!

1. The Wholesome Awesome Fashion Item

It’s got to be the Little Black Dress. It’s a part of Chanel’s culture that everyone can own. LBDs are my staples, meaning I wear them everyday! I don’t have that many, but I’m working on building the collection to 365 pieces so I’ll have different LBDs to wear all year round.

(Note from Miss Glitzy: Haha! Reminds me of my university professor who wore only black and he looked good!)

2. The Wholesome Awesome Beauty Item

Chanel White Essentiel Whitening Modeling Effect Base in Rosee. It’s sunscreen + make up base, and is a fabulous 2-in-1 item! With SPF30/PA+++, it is a good sunscreen against the potent sun. The texture is light, dries fast and leaves no sticky residue. Love the light reflecting particles that give my face a radiant glow with or without foundation – although when used without foundation, it makes my skin appear VERY bright. On extreme lazy circumstances, one can still look quite polished by just using this product.

3. The Wholesome Awesome Food

Comfort food = family meals. However, being far from home means I need to take care of all my meals. There’s something about “breakfast” anytime of the day that appeals to me. Scrambled eggs, bacon and fluffy pancakes are my favourite. This is an awesome video on how to make scrambled eggs and it’s fool proof – even my bf’s first attempt was very successful! I use whipping cream instead of Crème fraîche because it’s more widely available.

Also, here is my recipe for fluffy pancakes:

Fluffy pancakes (serves 2):
Flour: 6 tablespoons
Milk: 4 tablespoons
2 eggs
Sugar: 2-3 tablespoons depending on taste
A pinch of salt
Butter for frying

1) Separate egg whites from yolks.
2) Mix yolks + milk + flour. Sift to avoid lumps.
3) Add salt to eggwhites and beat till soft peaks are formed, gradually adding sugar and beating till stiff peaks.
4) Carefully fold yolk mix into eggwhites
5) Fry the batter in hot pan

*The measurements of the ingredients are a rough gauge. I often tweak the quantity of flour/milk to achieve another texture of pancakes.

I am craving for all-day breakfast! Thanks Hitomi for sharing the recipes, and the Chanel make-up base looks like good stuff!

Check out the entire Wholesome Awesome List series now!

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