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Happy Labour Day, everyone! Presenting the juicy bits that you missed on my Facebook page last month!

[14 April 2012] Grey silk+lace wedding gown with dusty pink roses… makes you wanna get married. (Photo from Harper’s Bazaar, shot at Yasmin Sewell’s wedding) [link]

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OHH EMMM GEE, this is probably the most delayed post ever! My “Facebooking” series that came one-half week late. August was the epitome of awesome for me, for three weeks out of four was spent out of town in NYC. Probably the best time I have had this year.

[4 August 2011] Miu Miu Noir Sunglasses Collection. This particular pair of shades looks kinda cool yeah? Available at Miu Miu boutiques here from October 2011. [link]

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