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I attended a workshop about integrating essential oils in our daily life at Spa Esprit, which is located at the Beauty Emporium in Dempsey. For the uninitiated, the Beauty Emporium houses Spa Esprit, Browhaus and Strip all under one roof!

I have been curious about essential oils,  after a reader shared with us about hydrosols, which were good for her skin. The oils are usually naturally derived and are reputed to also have medicinal properties. But I have never really made an effort to research on them.


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Forrest Gump said “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you gonna get.”

Reader Ferreroroche, on the other hand, describes “Life is a Mystery! Explore it!”

Let’s take a look at her Wholesome Awesome List!

1. The Wholesome Awesome Fashion Item

As I am only four feet nine, wedges are really a must for me because heels are just too painful. The selections of strappy wedges from Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring collection 2010 has really been my inspiration.

2. The Wholesome Awesome Beauty Item

My hydrosols. What is a hydrosol? Simply put, they are floral water – steam distilled plants and flowers that create pure liquid to be used as a hydration liquid, I use them as quick pick-me-up and as a toner.

There are many types of hydrosols, but my favourite amongst all that I have tried is the rose geranium hydrosol. Everyone complimented me on my skin when I was using it. Now I am using the Lemon balm(Melissa) hydrosol. The effect is not as good, as I get some breakouts now and then. But the Lemon balm helps to even out my skin tone nicely that I rarely need foundation these days.

3. The Wholesome Awesome Food

Photo: Miss Glitzy

Soupy noodles like ramen, instant noodles, ban mian, fish soup bee hoon, la mian.. all of these are my absolute comfort food!

Thanks Ferreroroche! I think the hydrosols that she mentioned are really interesting!

Check out the entire Wholesome Awesome List series now!

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