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I visited MAAD Pyjamas event last weekend and came across this very unique jewellery collection by a Polish designer, Evelyn. Evelyn is the founder of independent jewellery label “Mother was Right“.


The Park Bench” is a series of necklaces featuring  miniatures of the characters we see sitting on park benches.


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How does desperate romanticism meet cool modernism? It’s simple yet complex and that’s love. Put up a strong appearance when you are crying buckets deep down. Stay cool although you are terribly missing. Act confident with loads of insecurity within.

Every Little Counts verbalise girlish inner emotions in their cute tee-shirts. Flirtatious, edgy and romantic.. it’s what their collections are about.

All tee-shirts are made-to-order and printed on eco-friendly water-based inks! Tanks and tees cost between US$25-US$32 each. They ship internationally (including Singapore) at US$5 per tee.

Miss Glitzy’s readers are entitled 20% discount. Simply enter “GLITZY” at checkout. Discount applicable at www.everylittlecounts.net only.

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