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The T SpotThis may come across as random since my Italy trip was way back in summer this year. I was organising my photos for the year and came across pictures taken at the Triennale Design Museum, which I had intended to share with everyone here but somehow never got down to do so.

Some might regard Milan as a rather boring city of Italy. It is kinda true, Milan is a fashion capital and probably the only signature place of interest is the Duomo Cathedral. If you ever visit Milan, and you’re getting sick of seeing labels after labels, I suggest you make a trip down to the Design Museum at Parco Sempione.

Exhibits at one of the exhibitions on “What is Italian design?”. Technically, no photography is allowed in the exhibition.

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Dolce & Gabbana did a relaunch of their Light Blue fragrance and this new campaign was shot at the lovely Isle of Capri!

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I developed my two rolls of film from my Italy trip and Thursday was wonderful because I finally received my pictures.

Anyway, here are some photos of the Italian peeps I spied during my vacation.

Boys in Venice.

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This was the place that I stayed when in Rome. It was a short walk from the Roma Termini train station, which was great for those entering Rome by train. My arms would break if I had to pull my luggage through long distances. It was not so great in the sense that the surroundings near the train station was always crowded with all sorts of people, that you need to take good care of your belongings.

The B&B is inside the dark brown door. Looks kinda dodgy…  (Photo from Google Street View)

Once you walk by the brown door, there are 3 sections. Proceed to the gate that says “Scala A”. Then, go into this old-school antique lift that will transport you to the B&B!

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Undoubtedly, the highlight of my Italian vacation was my day trip to Capri – an island in the Tyrrhenian Sea. This is also the island where the Capri pants was made popular in 1956. Grace Kelly was said to be one of the first to wear capris there.

The island is a popular destination in summer. You can go to Capri via hydrofoil or ferry from Naples, Sorrento, Positano or Amalfi. We went to Capri via Naples.

On the hydrofoil!

The Isle of Capri

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Yes, my 2-week Italian fantasy has ended and it’s now back to the grind, back to face the music, but feeling more rejuvenated and grateful for everything I have experienced.

I am trying to get back to the working mode and sorting out my emails, pictures and more than 1000+ posts on Google reader. I promise to blog about some of the interesting places that I have stayed at and places that I really enjoyed during my trip.. soon!

Meanwhile, here are some of my snapshots and outfits in Italy:

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