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Recently, I acquired a metallic floral brocade skirt from J.Crew at clearance price.


This is how J.Crew styled it and as always, the outfitlooked fabulous!

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There’s still sufficient time to plan your summer vacation. If you have already decided on your travel destination – I am officially jealous of you – perhaps it is time to plan the outfits.

Meanwhile, I am hoping to exude some nautical chic at some chi-chi breezy location this summer. (PS: Please bombard me with suggestions on places to go!)

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Let me tell you a secret but promise me you wouldn’t judge.

I have been using my Lenovo laptop bag as a document bag when I am out for business meetings.

I know such is unacceptable for a so-called fashion and lifestyle blogger in Singapore and therefore, I endeavour to look for a presentable document/laptop bag for work. But honestly, it is hard. Most document bags, or briefcases out there look so masculine that it looks a little mismatched on us.

(from left) Kate Spade Gold Coast Janine (S$860), 3.1 Phillip Lim 31 hour leather bag (US$750)

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I have written a few posts on animal-related fashion such as this, this and this, but not once have I focused specifically on animal-inspired jewellery.

The spectrum is wide – you could look adorable with a pink smiley feline accessory, or “fierce” with a howling wolf on your finger, even mind-boggling with a bangle that featured two foxes kissing each other. In a way, your choice of accessories shed light of your personality and style before people get to really know you!

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I am awfully sure that you will be delighted with this post, especially for all the shoegals and perhaps others who might harbour a foot fetish.

If you haven’t heard, Carrie Bradshow’s favourite shoe designer, Manolo Blahnik, is collaborating with J.Crew this year!

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