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Having interacted and covered quite a number of start-ups on the blog over the past 6 years, I admit that I do not stay in touch with many of them. How have they done fast forward years later?



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It’s time to wake up, because September has ended. It had been a pretty great month for me although I can’t believe how three-quarter of the year had came and gone.

[30th September] Such an amazing picture… by local photographer Jing [link]

A really cool picture of a typical classroom in Singapore – and students in different school uniform. Click here to view more works from Jing.


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Joe & Dough presented a coffee appreciation workshop for 5 residents of the Star Shelter. The attendees learnt more about making coffee, and how to be a good barista.

Due to privacy issues, we were not allowed to take pictures of the Star Shelter residents. They had some fun through the hands-on with the coffee machine though.

Damien, the owner of Joe & Dough, also shared with them the demands of a job in the F&B sector, and the qualities that employers usually look for when they are hiring service staff. I found it a very useful workshop and even suggested that J&D should work with more charity organisations to hold such workshops for their beneficiaries in future!

With that, my first anniversary campaign “Let’s Care and Celebrate!” has come to an end. I started thinking of doing a charity project via the blog since last year but we were too late for Christmas season. Joe & Dough came into the picture really early and our initial idea was to produce an original single by Only After Coffee and sell the CD online or at the cafe.

Naturally, due to high production cost that we had to cough out, we aborted this idea and moved on. For many months, I thought I was going to have a flea market where me and my fellow blogger friends would set up stalls and proceeds would go to the SCWO-Star Shelter. Only After Coffee was even designated as the resident entertainer of the flea. There will be cupcakes and coffee, maybe even a manicurist to do free manicure for flea-ers!

I approached many cafes and bars that were suitably sized for the crowd I was expecting. Unfortunately, none was willing to sponsor their venue on a weekend. There was also a charity licence that I had to apply and the lack of venue made it almost impossible to proceed. 3 weeks before the Saturday that the flea market was supposed to happen, I suddenly thought of a Charity Online Auction and how it could actually solve the venue problem. Without further ado, I contacted the bloggers that I know and everything went rather smoothly thereafter.

This is a true blog charity campaign because everyone of you got to know about this charity and this project via blogs and other social media platforms. I would like to thank:

  • Joe & Dough for being so supportive. I got to know them through my blog and the journey has been amazing. Please join their Facebook fan page.
  • Dottie, X-Wen, Karen, BB, Mag, Nicole, Gidania and Heinz for your contribution and plug on your blogs/RTs/Facebook!
  • Wiwit for your time at the makeup workshop for the residents.
  • Noemi for your lovely illustrations and Only After Coffee for that wonderful song.
  • Many fellow bloggers who had kindly blogged about this campaign.
  • Fellow tweeples for your constant RTs!
  • Friends who have helped to spread the word via Facebook.
  • Kiehl’s for your lovely product set, which is certainly a “sweetener” (quoting a comment) to the whole Charity Auction!
  • Of course, all of you who have bidded for the items.
  • And my friends who had to listen to me all the time, and helped me to solve my problems or think of solutions. What could I do without you?

If you only got to know about the campaign and the charity today, it’s never too late to help. You can be a volunteer, or make donations to SCWO-Star Shelter (details here).

Thanks and I hope you will still visit Miss Glitzy’s Monologue. While we continue to enjoy our quality lifestyles, do pause and spare a thought for those around us – be it your family, loved ones, friends – as well as those in need.

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Kiehl’s has kindly sponsored a Dermatologist Solution Ultimate White Set (worth $331) to be given to a lucky winner of the Give a Gift Charity Auction.

The set consists of:

1.      Dermatologist Solutions Ultimate White Brightening Cleansing Cream, 150ml
2.      Dermatologist Solutions Ultimate White Clarifying Whitening Toner, 250ml
3.      Dermatologist Solutions Ultimate White Darkness Diminishing Activated Eye Treatment, 15ml
4.      Dermatologist Solutions Ultra Light Daily UV Defense SPF 50 PA+++, 30ml
5.      Dermatologist Solutions Ultimate White Intensive Whitening Essence, 50ml

From the pool of winners of all auction items, I will pick the lucky one via Random.org. It doesn’t matter if your item costs $20 or $200, you stand an equal chance of winning the Kiehl’s set!

In addition, all winners of the auctions will receive a $10 Joe & Dough voucher. That is equivalent to 2 delicious cuppa joe! Do good, and feel good with a cup of good coffee.

What are you waiting for? Place a bid at the Give a Gift Charity Auction now! Round 1 of the auction closes on Sunday, 12pm. 100% of the proceeds go to SCWO-Star Shelter.

Thanks Kiehl’s and Joe & Dough for the support towards “Let’s Care and Celebrate!

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Miss Glitzy was invited by Joe & Dough for a little session on coffee appreciation. Well, the coffee culture in Singapore is growing with so many different coffee chains scattered around the island. How do you know that you are paying for a good cup of coffee for $5?

Miss Glitzy is sharing a few points that she had learned from the session. Trust her, that session was almost life-changing as coffee experience had never been the same again. Here are some points to look out for when you are at the cafe:

1) Clean and tidy equipment
This is crucial because dirty equipment allows coffee residue to build up, resulting in a very rancid and bitter aftertaste.

2) Grind on demand
Flavours of the coffee beans are lost almost immediately after grinding due to oxidisation. Check for the churning sounds of the grinders – if it is just a couple of clicks, the beans might have been grinded and left at the chamber of the grinder for a while (stale ground). Alternatively, you could try to look into the chamber to see it is already filled with stale grounds.

3) Correct extraction of espresso
Coffee extraction is the process where the coffee extract (the espresso) is dripped out from the coffee machine under pressure. While a generally accepted guide for coffee extraction is 20 to 30 seconds, ideal extraction speed differs from blend to blend. The espresso dripping out should have the similar colour as warm honey. Under extracted coffee results in a weak, sour, and dull espresso while over extracted coffee will taste harsh and burnt.

4) Fresh and perfectly textured milk
The frothing process, which incorporates air into the milk, is an important step that determines the taste of your Lattes or Cappuccinos. Well textured milk tastes sweet and should have a velvety, silky look instead of big bubbles that resemble soap foam. In addition, make sure that the barista is using a fresh pitcher of milk instead of reusing stale milk that have been left over by a previous order.

Miss Glitzy even had a chance to learn how to make a cup of cappuccino at Joe & Dough! She attempted to do some latte art on her cappuccino who ended up looking like abstract art instead! All these captured in the third episode of Glitz Channel.

Hope you enjoy this little video and now, go get a good cup of coffee!

Joe & Dough
16 Collyer Quay #02-05 Hitachi Tower S049318
Tel: 6438 2115

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There’s a new kid at Change Alley and his name is Joe & Dough!

At first glance, the shop’s minimalist get-up is reminiscent of those atas sandwich shops that sell overpriced sandwiches, salads and coffee for the CBD crowd. Well, the first observation is kinda true – Joe & Dough sells pricey sandwiches! However, the sandwiches are displayed in such a cute and orderly manner at the display case that it reminded Miss Glitzy almost of a dainty dessert shop – not quite the regular sandwich places like Subway or Cedele definitely!

Here are some pictures of the tantalising sandwiches on display:

How it works is first, customer choses the sandwich on display. Next, staff will toast the sandwich and wrap them up nicely. In the meantime, customer pays at the cashier and wait for the stuff. And gosh, it’s good stuff!

Miss Glitzy had the salami and bierwurst sandwich and the wholemeal panini was heavenly! Apparently, the bread were all homemade daily. Even the tomatoes blended well with the bread and salami slices although Miss Glitzy has never been a tomato fan. The Gruyere cheese was melted nicely that it added taste to the ingredients but was not too gooey. Really worth the $8.50 paid! The cajun chicken sandwich is apparently an “All Time Favourite” and it received raves from Miss Glitzy’s colleagues too.

The All-Time favourite Cajun Chicken sandwich.

The tiny chocolate cupcake was heavenly! Miss Glitzy seriously considers it better than Magnolia’s cupcakes. The chocolate cream was thick, but not overwhelmingly sweet and blended very well with the moist chocolate cake. Priced at $2.80, the price tag and size of the cupcake doesn’t look too welcoming on first sight. But Miss Glitzy thinks it’s the “MUST BUY” of Joe & Dough and puts you 2 steps closer to Chocolate Heaven! Seriously, you wouldn’t want the cupcake to be bigger or it would become dangerously sinful.

All in all, Miss Glitzy strongly recommends Joe & Dough to everyone who’s in for a satisfying gourmet sandwich experience. The official website is still under construction and seriously, it ought to be up as soon as possible!

Meanwhile, Miss Glitzy is dreaming of the chocolate cupcakes already…

Joe & Dough
16 Collyer Quay #02-05 Hitachi Tower S049318
Tel: 64382115

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