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Seriously, how cute are these shoes inspired by the yellow cabs in New York City? No prize for guessing the brand behind this quirky design!


Still can’t get over the humor and wit from Kate Spade this Fall. Wearing “Taxi” on your feet takes on a literal spin which is quite whimsical!

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If you have been a fan of Kate Spade’s cheery and quirky line, I am sure you will love the concept of a sister brand that is equally chirpy and feminine but priced at a lower range.

That’s the positioning of new brand “Saturday” – playful, fun and affordable.


Saturday is the #thebestdayever.

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After the “Gift For Him” post, here’s the “Gift For Her” entry. Don’t you think it’s so much easier shopping for the girl?


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Third week of January and if you are not new to this blog, you are probably aware by now that we are in the season of new collections!

I was looking through the lookbook from Kate Spade for their Spring Summer collection and I love every single outfit in the collection (Facebook album here). All the items were impeccably matched – the right play of colours, the whimsical prints, the preppy girlish silhouettes. They literally unleash the Blair Waldorfs in us.


Mint and Pink: A beautiful marriage of two sweet hues.

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If you reckon you need some new inspiration for your nails, look no further. Finger tips were the focus for the beauty segment during the Spring/Summer 2013 Fashion Week that ended last month. Here are my picks on the coolest runway nails!

Gingham nails at Kate Spade

True to Kate Spade’s whimsical style, the models had gingham manicure that matched their outfits. Created by Deborah Lippman, start off with 2 coats of Amazing Grace (opaque white lacquer), followed by the lines which you could create a stencil using tiny strips of scotch tape once the base is dry.

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It’s Friday and the imminent weekend makes me feel like TYPING IN CAPS AND EXCLAIMING IN EXHILARATION.

This is probably why the new tongue-in-cheek slogan bags from Kate Spade resonate so well with my mood right now. They are great conversation starters, save me some breath from articulating my thoughts and simply make me LOL (laugh out loud).

Need to grab this pouch pronto and bring it to drinks tonight. Imagine flashing this bag at the server when he brings in a tray of tequila shots!

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Let me tell you a secret but promise me you wouldn’t judge.

I have been using my Lenovo laptop bag as a document bag when I am out for business meetings.

I know such is unacceptable for a so-called fashion and lifestyle blogger in Singapore and therefore, I endeavour to look for a presentable document/laptop bag for work. But honestly, it is hard. Most document bags, or briefcases out there look so masculine that it looks a little mismatched on us.

(from left) Kate Spade Gold Coast Janine (S$860), 3.1 Phillip Lim 31 hour leather bag (US$750)

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