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I think some readers remember that a few years ago, I permed my bob at Komachi The Hair Cult, a Japanese hair salon. Recently, I was invited by them again to try their services at the relocated salon in International Building along Orchard Road.

There had been some changes to the salon. For instance my previous hairstylist, Horii, as well as several other Japanese hairstylists are no longer working there. I was attended by the new creative director of the salon, Rie Kanai. One thing remained unchanged – I decided to perm my hair again.

Rie trimmed my hair before I had my air perm.


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Published by MsGlitzy.com in: Beauty

Miss Glitzy was invited to Komachi the Hair Cult for a hairscapade! Given that she has been going ga-ga over the wavy bob recently, Miss Glitzy naturally asked if she could perm her bob!


And so she did!

A brief intro on Komachi, the Japanese hair salon located at Liang Court provides a wide range of hair salon services for both men and women. To top up the holistic experience, you can even de-stress by getting a “Komachi Wellness Massage”.

The hairstylist for the day was Horii who is very new to Singapore but has accumulated a wealth of experience in Tokyo. He was a hairstylist in Japan for 8 years and was progressing on fast track there! He was involved in shoots for VIVI and SEDA magazines in Japan. Horii speaks some English, so communication wasn’t much a problem.

According to Komachi’s website, Horii-san is a proficient make-up artist and skilled kimono dresser! Now, Miss Glitzy missed the opportunity of asking him for makeup tips!

For those who have an idea of which hairstyle you are looking for, you are highly encouraged to bring pictures of that hairstyle! Miss Glitzy printed out the 4 Asian wavy bob photos (refer to this blog entry)and Horii-san felt that the top right out-of-bed hair was most suitable. The whole wash, cut, perm and style process took only 1.5 hours!


Miss Glitzy also took the opportunity to find out more information on the wavy bob:

Q1: Which face shapes are suitable for such a hairstyle?

Wavy bob is most suitable for egg shaped and round shaped faces. Long faces with sharp chins are not suitable.

Q2. How can I style my permed bob?

When the hair is damp, you can use some wax to scrunch or twist the ends. This makes the hair more wavy. But if you would like your waves to be more natural, use some wax and scrunch or twist the ends on DRY hair instead.

Q3. How long does the perm last?

Depending on the type of perm that is applied to the hair but it should last an average of 2-3 months.

Q4. Which hair length is ideal for a wavy bob hairdo?

Since the hair will be shorter after a perm, shoulder length hair is ideal. Preferably, the hairstyle is not too layered.

Q5. How do I take care of my curls? What products do you recommend?

Use a light shampoo and conditioner for dry hair to replace the moisture after the perm. Try not to do other chemical treatments to a fresh perm (e.g. bleach, dye) for the first week after your perm. Use a hair wax and style to achieve more volume and styling. Komachi recommends the Urban Tribe Flexibility Shampoo ($22) and Conditioner($22), Urban Tribe Shapy($28) and Urban Tribe Muddy Matt($28).

Q6. Why should ladies come to Komachi for a perm or change in hairstyle?

Because the Komachi stylists know exactly what they are doing and perform their skills with a spirit of excellence. Bring them a photo and they will get you the look that you desire. Komachi stylists are constantly being updated on the latest hair trends and they will be sent twice a year to overseas for training.

The perm for Miss Glitzy’s bob would cost $200 while the hair cut is $100. First timer at Komachi gets 20% discount!

A photo with the affable Publicity Pimp – Heinz!
Thanks Heinz and Komachi for the great experience!



1 person doing CUT & PERM will get 1 month’s supply of Komachi Treatment Essences (4 vials) free! Komachi Treatment Essence replenishes moisture and restores shine to hair. Just what you need after a perm. In addition, you will also receive a free Urban Tribe Umbrella to shelter those brand new curls from sun, rain and wind!

Buddy Promotion:

Bring a friend along for a CUT & PERM session together! Besides receiving the Komachi Treatment Essences and Urban Tribe Umbrella, both of you will each receive free Komachi Honey Treatment (worth at least $80) to nourish your curls right after the perm.

Terms and Conditions:
– First time visit 20% discount still applies.
– No additional stamp will be given to the person who is bringing a friend. Each customer will get their own stamp for this visit.
– For the buddy promotion, both parties must carry out the CUT & PERM at the same time. Different time and date scheduling are not allowed.
– Appointments must be made 2 days in advance and please mention that you are recommended by Miss Glitzy.
– Management reserves the right to replace promotion with another of the same value.
– Prices may vary due to different hair lengths.
– This Miss Glitzy Promotion is valid from 1 – 31 August 09.

Feel free to leave a comment or email me if you have any questions!

Komachi the Hair Cult
177 River Valley Road
#02-07 Liang Court Shopping Centre
Tel: 65-63399432 / 65-68363391

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