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So my gal pals and I were discussing about our dream bag acquisitions this year when Ms Chubby mentioned she is eyeing the Tod’s D-Bag, which is available in a beautiful shade of fuchsia. This post is a special shout-out to her, introducing not just the SS2012 D-Bags, but also other leather goods from the house that are in equally delicious shades.

The famed D-Bag Luxury in python skin, rocking the lovely shades of fuchsia, blue, green and yellow!


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Mother’s Day is round the corner. While we in Singapore are expecting the “Grow and Share” money, why not do a “Gift and Share” for Mom? Get her a really decent bag.. perhaps one that both of you have been eyeing. In that way, you can make Mom happy but also have a chance to “share” the bag with her. I’m sure my Mom wouldn’t mind that her bag gets more mileage. In fact, she always “borrow” my bags!

A bag for Mom is one that is functional, yet classy and contemporary to suit her maturity and grace. In this post, I would like to share three lovely bags for different Moms! Coach Kristin Spectator Flap Read More >>

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The most common question that I have received recently is, “So, which bag did you get from Italy?”

Yeah, I got a bag. It’s French in origin, but made in Italy. It is a Céline.

Nope, not the much-coveted Classic Box Bag (left) or Luggage Tote (right).

But this:


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