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The fingers are itchy and it feels like time to go checkout my imaginary shopping cart again – and well, attempt to turn dreams to reality.

If you haven’t been too adventurous with your outfits, a statement clutch is a great accessory inject some fun and personality. If you are meeting some new friends and have absolutely nothing to talk about, that statement clutch could be a starting point!

The conversation could go like this… “OH POLO is like my favourite mint! My mom used to feed me with that!” (and you start doing a little wave with your new Polo cylindrical clutch.

Sounds fun, isn’t it?


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I own a Penny Bag (also known as shoulder purse) from the Coach Classics collection and there is no doubt that it is my favourite casual bag.

One of the prominent designs from the Legacy collection, the Penny Bag is a reinvented version of the Shoulder Purse from Coach’s archive. Gold hardware has been replaced with silver ones, and a pair of leather tassels was added. The bag also has a fabric lining, as compared to the unlined classic version.

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It’s hard not to fall in love with a simple black leather bag that is structured, handsome and can take you easily from work to play.

That’s my initial impression of Alexander Wang’s Pelican Satchel. I do wonder why it is named “Pelican”. As far as I can see, this bag (and its brothers and sisters) are miles apart from the long-beaked bird.

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You know how we girls sometimes just want to own a piece of our boyfriends’ belonging? It could be wearing the boyfriend’s shirt, his jeans or graphic tees, just to feel a sense of closeness and affection.

I guess next time, you can consider borrowing your boyfriend’s clutch.

Dress: Vero Moda | Necklace: Vintage Hollywood (Courtesy of Mootta) | Belt: Zara |
Clutch: Courtesy of Coach | Shoes: Nine West

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