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I have yet to indulge in a H yet but I recently discovered a way to admire the Hermès beauty everyday without having to spend too much.


I just found out that Hermes launched 35 different leather screen wallpapers a few years ago! Well, better late than never. The above orange togo calfskin has now been set as my iPhone wallpaper.


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Origata, in Japanese, means the art of wrapping. As part of the Japanese tradition, the host would present their guests with sweets wrapped nicely in fancy paper and that special way of wrapping is Origata!

So, there is this Italian designer by the name of Soffio di Sofia who is incredibly creative and designed a leather bag borrowing the concept of Origata! And this Origata collection is available at an online website that curates unique design pieces named Boticca.  That’s what the title of this post is about, if you are wondering.

The Origata bag – just folds, no zip!


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I never thought I would end up in this predicament. I own an iPad (one year ago, I thought it was just an enlarged version of the iPhone and a complete waste of moolah) and I am toying with the idea of getting a decent case to house my new gadget (aren’t fancy gadget cases some kind of frivolous?).

So here I am, browsing websites after websites, looking for the ideal iPad case. And sure it does sound almost like Cinderella searching for her glass slippers.

Ostentatious (Above S$500)

(from left) Smythson Peridot Green Folding Ipad 2 Case USD536.25, Valentino Jacquard and Leather iPad case £263.04Alaïa Perforated Petal-design Leather iPad case £423.54

These are such nice-to-have. Although the pragmatic side of me wonder about the lifespan of the covers given that the iPad product cycle is approximately one year?


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