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I believe the rose is probably one of the most well-loved floral amongst womankind. The rose scent is used often in beauty products, the colour is associated to different shades of pink, rose oil helps to refine skin texture and possesses aromatherapy properties that calm and soothe.

What not to love about them?


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I think it all started with one random Google chat with Dottie when she told me how she really wanted to get the La Mer lip balm. I was using the product and shared my thoughts about it, along with the fact that I tried so many different brands that I have collected quite a stash of them. It was then and there we realised that after knowing each other for a few years, we do share a common interest towards something other than fashion – wait for it – Lip Balms!

But I gotta admit that she has more a more serious addiction than me and in the spur of the moment, I decided to give her some air-time here to elaborate on her love affair with these waxy chapsticks.

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So the story began like this… My lips have been very dry and chapped for the past year and I had tried so many different lip balms. Some worked ok, but none really solved the root of the problem. The dry air-conditioned environment in the office didn’t help. My lips could be nursed back to recovery over the weekend and once I returned to the office, these flaky and dry bits would return with vengeance.

One day, over lunch, my colleague spotted my terribly unappealing lips.

“Which lip balm do you use?”

“XXX. (A really fine brand which I shall not name).”

“What? You use XXX* and your lips are still so dry? Can I suggest you try the Eight Hour Cream? I have been using it for years.”

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I believe most of us have heard of the skincare brand La Mer, and its famous product the Creme de La Mer. I have been curious about the miracle Creme for a very long time, and was so close to purchasing it recently before I got held back by the price and my own rational mind.

Finally, I had the opportunity to attend a skincare workshop organised by La Mer a couple of weekends ago and got myself familiarised with their range of various skincare solutions.

The La Mer Moisturizing Collection.

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