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Uh-oh, Valentine’s Day is a few days away and you haven’t secured a gift for your date?

There is little room for delay and almost no more time for overseas online shopping. Take a deep breath and I hope my “HIS & HERS” gift guide will help you cruise through this romantic event!

Valentine’s Day card from kikki.K – S$6.90 (Available at ION Orchard).


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Here are some of my favourite snaps from my Lomolito when I was in New York, cross processed on the Fujifilm Provia. I think it’s time for me to retire this nifty plastic camera and use my bulky Holga more often!



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I just finished a roll of Agfa Precisa on Lomolito from my trips to Hong Kong and Beijing. This was the same type of film I used in Shanghai but the colours looked terribly different. I think the lighting was pretty bad when I was roaming around this year. Also, I sent the film to another processor and they probably used different chemicals.

So yeah, this roll of film was quite a disaster. But I decided to consolidate some shots that I took over the past X years and pass them off as a series. It is a very raw series, so please bear with it. But appreciate your feedback too!

Woman in Washington, D.C.


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I developed my two rolls of film from my Italy trip and Thursday was wonderful because I finally received my pictures.

Anyway, here are some photos of the Italian peeps I spied during my vacation.

Boys in Venice.

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Japan| Autumn 2009| Lomolito

“Mothers hold their children’s hands for a short while, but their hearts forever.” ~Anonymous

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My first roll from the Holga 120GCFN is out. I used the 35mm backing and loaded a roll of Agfa Precisa into the camera.

I complained to everyone around me that the Holga was a bitch. Unlike the lomolito which shifts the film with one revolution, I had to do manual estimation on the Holga. I was told that for my 35mm film, it’s about 25 clicks. I lost count of the clicks, wasted film and it didn’t help that the camera was so bulky!

But looking at some of the shots, I think it was worth it.

Shanghai's bus-stop

Shanghai's road

Shanghai's animal

Shanghai's love

Shanghai's house

Shanghai's voice

Hope you love this set! The rest of the pictures are on Flickr.

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By now, you should know I’m not as “glitzy” as my name. I am a slacker by default.

One Saturday, I brought my lomolito out for a walk. I was in my favourite denim shorts and Birkenstocks..


The plaid shirt deserves a mention. It is my vintage piece. I bought it as a brand new shirt dress when I was a teenager. More than 10 years later, plaid is back. I altered the dress to a shirt and it still fits like a tee.


In fact, the brand “Fornari” is not even in Singapore anymore.


Miss Chubby and I acting goofy.

I will wear my own vintage more often.

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