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Singapore is hit by the Macaron fever again because we recently welcomed Ladurée to our shores!

I have tried Ladurée a few times abroad and even penned my thoughts on the blog years ago here. Nonetheless, the objective of today’s post is not so much a food review, but to pay tribute to the cute little macarons that has the power of making queue, fork out some dough and go “ooh and ahh” over their delightful presence.

You will be surprised by the number of fashion and beauty products inspired by macarons!



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I am aware that my birthday is over. But if you are my friend and you are reading this, can you get me this cake next year please?

Ombre cake. [credit]


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As Christmas is approaching, I have resurrected my Christmas Wish List section again. This year, I invited my personal friends, who also write fantastic blogs, to contribute their lists.

Our first contributor for this year is Rachel, the writer of The Pleasure Monger. Rachel was my classmate in high school. She did a lot better at the Home Economics classes than me, so it was no surprise to see her whip up a storm in the kitchen and tantalise us with beautiful photos and recipes of the desserts (especially macarons) that she had made on her blog. Rachel was based in London and is now relocating to Boston. I am sure we will see more interesting food and baking posts on her blog when she settles down at her new location.

Some of you may know that I’m mostly obsessed with food, particularly baking, but a little known fact is that I love fashion and beauty as well. So imagine my glee when MsGlitzy asked me if I would like to write up a Christmas wish list, comprising the three very things that I love. After all, this could double up as a very big and public hint to my husband, or perhaps a very generous Santa…yes?


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Marina Bay Sands has been my new hangout place. The shops are populating, the Infinity Pool at the Sky Park is my favourite chill-out spot now and of course, there is SweetSpot, the patissierie that sells lovely cakes, pastries, macarons and pralines!

Little is known about the background of Sweet Spot, except that the pastry chef is a young 28-year-old Venezuelan. SweetSpot also works with the Celebrity Chef restaurants such as Guy Savoy to produce bread according to their menu.


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It has been a while since I reviewed macarons but well, all is gonna change because I hit macaron jackpot in the month of July! I tried macarons from PAUL, Laduree (arguably the best macarons in the world) and Sweetspot in that one month.

I stumbled upon reknowned French patisserie PAUL while transiting at Dubai Airport. Tired and in need of some refreshments, we were about to settle for Burger King before we saw the letter “PAUL” at Terminal 3.


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Miss Glitzy is fortunate to have well-traveled colleagues who bring back goodies to the office!

#1 Luxemburgerli macarons

Luxemburgerli macarons are made in Zurich and unlike their French cousins, they are supposed to be lighter and smaller. The packaging is really good, with a plastic cover to “protect” the lovely buttons.

Look at how cute the macaron is! And that thick wallop of ganache!

The macaron shell is really more airy and less chewy than the typical French macarons. One commented that the shell “melts in the mouth”.

Miss Glitzy loves the citron macaron – it is probably the only citrus or fruity macaron that really works so far. However, Luxemburgerli still pale in comparison to the Pierre Hermes.

I think I really need to try the Ladurees!

#2 Hotel Sacher’s Original Sacher Torte

This is a 175-year old chocolate cake from Austria. I mean, the recipe is 175-year-old, not the cake.

The crumbly chocolate sponge cake is thinly coated with chocolate by hand with apricot jam and surrounded by chocolate icing. Its original recipe is a well-kept secret that no one else really knows exactly how to make the Original Sacher torte.

The cake came in a very fine wooden box and it looked as good as gold when it arrived in office. We didn’t fridge it but the chocolate was sturdy, not soft.

First taste of the Sacher Torte is an acquired taste. The cake has a tangy aftertaste which I figured could be due to the apricot jam. Take a second slice and the taste just grows on you and because of the combination of zest and bittersweet chocolate, you just don’t mind having one more slice. This is unlike other thick chocolate fudge cakes which tend to overwhelme with thick chocolate and overdose of sweetness.

Sacher has an online shop and they ship internationally – so you can have your Original Sacher-Torte at home with a nice cup of coffee!

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My heart skipped a beat.. the moment I was at the little bakery in Tokyo’s Hotel New Otani and I came face to face with the legendary Pierre Hermé lovelies.



I don’t know whether Pierre Hermé makes the best macarons – my French colleague who grew up with Laduree has never heard of this name. But Pierre Hermé has a book on macarons, so he must be pretty good!

The three flavours that I tried were: Pistachio, Rose and Vanilla.

pierreherme3The macarons looked polished and exquisite. And that thick amount of ganache could drive people out of control.

Pistachio: The surface of the shell crumbled at first touch but the inner layer was sturdy. The pistachio ganache was a tad hard, probably because the macaron was in the fridge for a while. However, the filling melted into the mouth together together with the macaron shell, leaving a memorable impression of a sweet but very light pistachio taste.

Rose: Miss Jazzy’s gonna scream because this is probably the best Rose macaron ever! The ganache tasted like butter cream with rose flavour. There was the lightness of rose, yet weight and fragrance of butter. Very intriguing but fascinating combination of taste and texture.

Vanilla: The ganache tasted like a very good vanilla ice-cream! This was so addictive that I felt like grabbing another..

Final verdict (out of 5 points):

Miss Glitzy: (Ok, it’s off the charts!)

Pierre Hermé has 7 outlets in Tokyo and 6 in Paris. They also have an online shop.

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