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My company had a dinner & dance recently and the theme was “Movie Characters”. Here’s my stab at playing Audrey Hepburn’s iconic role at “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” – Holly Golightly.

Hello darlings!

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Have you ever considered wearing enhancement lenses? I have almost perfect eyesight, thanks to my LASIK operation 3 years ago. I thought I was bidding contact lenses farewell forever, but I was wrong.

Recently, I was invited by Johnson & Johnson to be an ACUVUE® DEFINE™ advocate.  Prior to that, I was curious about beauty enhancement lenses given their increasing popularity.  After all, I have seen enough bloggers and friends wearing coloured or iris enlargement lenses and could see how these helped to enhance overall looks.

I found out that the 1 • DAY ACUVUE® DEFINE™ is the only brand of beauty enhancement contact lenses that offer UV protection. The level of protection is more than 80% UVA and 95% UVB, which is in line with internationally recognised standards. This means that the entire cornea is protected from UV rays, which complements your shades very well because the rays could still seep in from the sides of the sunglasses.

With my interest piqued, I went for a comprehensive eye examination with Ms Oh Shwu Ji, Manager and Optometrist at Specialist Eye Centre, who then confirmed that my eyes are suitable for 1 • DAY ACUVUE® DEFINE™ lenses.

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My obsession with purple continues from yesterday. It’s hard not to love this quirky collaboration from Printemps and Dior this Christmas.

Are your eyes glistening at the sight of this pair of purple pumps with a water brush painting of Paris?

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I had the privilege to preview the NARS x Andy Warhol collection recently. The date is looming near – NARS will open officially in Singapore on 15th November at Tangs Orchard Beauty Hall, and this special collection will be available, together with the other NARS regular makeup items.

There is a dazzling array of 29 items in this collection and it is simply too hard not to fall in love.

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I know it’s just a lipstick. And I have tonnes of them at home anyway.

But I just couldn’t help falling in love with Lancôme’s upcoming lipstick collection – Rouge in Love. And I blame it on their creative and romantic marketing campaign.

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Frankly, it has been ages since I go out with a naked face. Not that I apply foundation/eye colours/lip sticks on my face 24-7 but on days when I decide to leave little traces of makeup on, the face is nary naked.

So, I shalt reveal the three things that I apply on my nary naked face even if I want to pass off a “sans make-up” look.

1. Kate Stick Concealer

A concealer to hide some dark circles or blemishes to create the illusion of almost flawless skin.

What I like about the Kate concealer is that it glides smoothly on the skin and blends well. It has good coverage too – I tried covering a humungous zit and my friend couldn’t tell that I had a horribly red irritant on my nose.

I bought these in Japan and it probably cost S$13-16 a pop. I think this stick concealer might be available at Kanebo counters in Singapore.

2. Benefit Dandelion

I think the Dandelion isn’t really a blusher because the colour is too light.

Nonetheless, this is good to create some radiance on your natural complexion. I dust the Dandelion all over my face lightly, and brush a few more times on the cheeks for some pinkish hues.

Retails in Singapore at $60. Cheaper (only US$28) if you order directly online with enough orders to get your shipping costs waived.

3. Shiseido Water in Lip Lip Balm

Chapped lips are quite a no-no and especially when you travel to countries with dry weather, the lip balm is a must.

I stumbled upon the Shiseido Water in Lip when I was in Japan, desperate for a new lip balm and I spotted this at a convenience store there. This is part of the cheaper Shiseido range that is only available in Japan and other selected countries (Singapore not included).

The lip balm is very moisturizing and gives a glossy effect – living up to its name “Water in Lip”. While you do need to re-apply  every few hours, this lip balm is able endure cold and dry weather really well . Priced at less than S$6 a pop, I literally stocked up on these during my recent trip to Japan.

What are the awesome stuff that you can’t live without? Please contribute to my Wholesome Awesome list now!

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I was invited to a blogger makeover workshop organised by Shiseido, to know more about their Spring 2010 colours, which will be launched on 26 February. I have to confess, that I’m usually hardly that fast in blogging. However, with the warm response on my makeover picture at Facebook, I decided to share information on Shiseido’s colours as soon as possible!

My hair was styled by the trainers from Shiseido Professional. It was curled with curling tongs (and Shiseido Professional hairspray), before being tousled with the Design Tex hairwax.

<< My hairdo reminded me fondly of my wavy bob. (I was with minimal makeup, and my eyes looked different due to new lash extensions.)

Next, my face makeover was done by a Shiseido makeup professional, using the latest colours. The theme for the eyes this season is pastel and Shiseido has introduced 5 new pastel shades for the series. You can opt to go light for the day, and add more of the colour to create a darker look for night-outs.

Tada… the complete makeover!

Brow: SMK BR704

Eye shadow: SMK VI720 Ghost (new)

Blusher: SMK RD103 Petal (new)

Lip pencil: SMK BE701

Lip gloss: SMK PK303 (new)

The makeup professional coloured my lips with the lip pencil, before adding the lip gloss! Good tip to make your lip colour lasts longer.

My goodie bag from Shiseido contained the various makeup products, including those colours that were used on me!

If you would like to get a face makeover, just drop by any Shiseido counter at major departmental stores! Shiseido makeovers are complimentary – you can make use of the opportunity to find out which palettes suit you most!

For a complete makeover (hair and makeup), you can purchase a $88 fully redeemable Shiseido voucher and receive personalised hairstyling, face makeover, A4 photo momento and an exclusive door gift! Just call Shiseido counter at Takashimaya at 6735 1039 to book your appointment. This is valid from 26 Feb to 4 Mar 2010.

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