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Ms Chubby was mad. She had looked forward to the Vivienne Westwood fashion show but her night was spoiled by poor event management.What the event management needs: better seat planning and customer service.

For convenience, the event management guy in question will be named Blur Boy.

When Ms Chubby and friends entered the tent, they were ushered to a row filled with people. The volunteer ushers just stood along the aisles and pointed them to Blur Boy who was dressed in white. Blur Boy took out his seating plan, looked lost and ushered Ms Chubby to another section.

Ms Chubby and friends had barely sat for 3 minutes when two MasterCard guests showed up with tickets. Blur Boy took out his seating plan again and asked, “Erm… do you mind moving to the back row?”

Ms Chubby, “Yes I mind. We bought tickets for this row and you ushered us here because there were no seats in our original section. It looks like this section is for MasterCard guests. If I move to the back, I will have to move again when other guests turn up. I don’t think it’s fair. Can you find us seats?” The two ladies nodded in agreement.

Blur Boy, “Erm…”

After a brief moment, Ms Chubby sighed, “Tell you what, we’ll be nice. We’ll give these seats to the two ladies and you find us seats quickly. Two minutes.”

Blur Boy took two steps away and returned, “All the ushers are volunteers. You shouldn’t bully them. Giving us a time is not fair. We are trying our best here ok?”

Ms Chubby was fuming, “I did not bully anyone, especially not the ushers. I have not been talking to anyone but you and you ushered us here but I still have to give up my seat. Now can you get us seats?”

Blur Boy barked, “You don’t have to be rude ok?”

Ms Chubby could hardly believe her ears. After all she and her friends gave up their seats to the two guests. Blur Boy was about to throw another hissy fit before Ms Armotif gestured him to get going. Blur Boy went back to the original section, walked around, achieved nothing, walked to the other sections while Ms Chubby and friends stood for a good ten minutes, looking unfashionably awkward among the seated guests. At long last, Blur Boy found seats and ushered them there.

The events company should probably allocate seat numbers in future. This year, tickets purchased only indicated the row number and it was free seating within the row. This system was being misused and the unhappy experience just gave a bad aftertaste to an otherwise splendid evening.

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