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I guess it’s not often you see as many, if not more close-up shots of animals as compared to the campaign model.


Indeed, this is what to expect from the latest campaign video from Mulberry. Whimsical, quirky and light-hearted, be prepared to see Cara Delevingne twitch her prominent eyebrow and the nonchalant expressions of the Parson’s Jack Russell, Patterdale Terrier, or the greedy Pony.

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While the Mulberry End-of-Season sale is still ongoing, I was invited by Club 21 to preview the upcoming Fall/Winter collection from the brand.

In short, the collection is mysterious, textured and wild.

The Del Rey in Ink Blue Sparkle Croc Print Leather and the Lily Shoulder with the same leather. Both bags have a tortoise buckle.

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The Scallop Trim has been in the rage for a while. Mulberry calls it “cookie-cutter trim” but we know it’s about the same. The waved edge with a little eyelet adds very feminine touch to any outfit or accessories effortlessly. And other than apparel, the Scallops (or Cookies) have made its way to cute little crossbody bags!

(from left) See by Chloé Black Poya Party Crossbody , Mulberry Cookie Mini Bag

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It is not secret that when it comes to bags, I am a fan of substance – I mean, I am a leather lover. If you know of anyone who makes good leather bags, please let me know and I can consider marrying him. Nothing beats the touch of smooth leather and its understated appeal. Helps that bags in plain solid leather are not only durable, but they go well with a greater variety of outfits.

And therefore, it was considerably reasonable that I let out a little squeal in delight when Mulberry announced its latest bag icon – the Del Rey.

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It’s technically still Chinese New Year, so while we bid goodbye to the first month of 2012, I would like to wish everyone Happy Chinese New Year and have a prosperous Year of the Dragon.

The month of January saw me busy getting myself updated with the various Spring/Summer collections from various brands and beauty houses. Did any of the collections caught your eye? Meanwhile, here are my discovery posted on Facebook that you might have missed during the month.

[14 January 2012] I admit, I got a little shocked when I saw this… MULBERRY Alexa with Teddy Rivets. [link]

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I previewed the Spring Summer collection of Mulberry bags and one of my favourite piece has got to be the Travel Day Bag in Nightshade Blue – as featured on the runway in the photo above.

Some might find resemblance of this Travel Day Bag with the famed Alexa. Indeed, they are almost the same, except the additional buckle in the middle and the gold ware at the side.

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The Spring Summer Fashion Week has finally come to a close. Come next year, it seems that bag colours are going bright and bold. Perhaps it’s time to whisper a temporary farewell to your usual black or brown handbags and start investing in yellow, orange, green or other vivid shades!

Yellow Fever

(from left) Bottega Veneta, Chloé

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