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With summer season fast approaching – beauty launches are getting heated up again. Be prepared to witness an avalanche of new nail polishes and lip glosses this summer.

This post shall be a quickie post on two new nail shades – one set from Dior and another for Guerlain.


Dior Samba Summer Nail Duo.

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I have heard a lot about Manicurious but have never been there before. A cozy little cafe, shop and nail spa all under one roof, Manicurious is tucked at Beach Road and not too far away from City Hall or Bugis MRT station.


I finally visited them last weekend with my friend to use up a voucher. Best decision ever!

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If you reckon you need some new inspiration for your nails, look no further. Finger tips were the focus for the beauty segment during the Spring/Summer 2013 Fashion Week that ended last month. Here are my picks on the coolest runway nails!

Gingham nails at Kate Spade

True to Kate Spade’s whimsical style, the models had gingham manicure that matched their outfits. Created by Deborah Lippman, start off with 2 coats of Amazing Grace (opaque white lacquer), followed by the lines which you could create a stencil using tiny strips of scotch tape once the base is dry.

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October is over. We are officially left with 2 months for the year of 2011. What have you done this year? What have you NOT accomplished this year? Is it time for us to start reflecting and penning resolutions?

[16 October 2011] Photobooth fun at DKNY Jeans Party [link]

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