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I was introduced to Australian-based jewellery store Jive Design recently. What struck me at first glance was the stylish statement jewellery available in store.

Upon much exploration in their online store, I could almost find something for everyone. The owner, Jan Sinclair, sources personally covering Australia, Italy, Germany, Mexico, Israel, Thailand and Indonesia. Most of the pieces showcased on Jive Design are the handiwork of distinctive jewellery designers all over the world.

And the good news is..  Jive Design is organising a giveaway for MsGlitzy.com readers! Here are the steps:

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I discovered the whole art about Yoyo Necklace recently, through 12Buy.sg.

The Yoyo Necklace are handcrafted necklaces made from stitching different circles of fabric. It is both unique and eco-friendly, as most makers use small pieces of spare fabrics to put together a necklace.

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I have been thinking about fringe necklaces lately. By fringe necklaces, I am referring to those with incredibly long strands of knick-knacks to ensure everyone knows you are wearing a necklace.

Fringe necklace from ASOS (US$67.40)

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