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I believed I have blogged about the Uniqlo Designers Invitation Project a while ago. I packed my Uniqlo x Costello Tagliapietra dress in my luggage to NYC and here are some outfit photos taken at Washington Square Park.

Dress: Uniqlo x Costello Tagliapietra (courtesy of Uniqlo) | Belt: ASOS | Shoes: Nine West

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I had a corporate function at a nice place in Manhattan – coupled with a picturesque view. The balcony area overlooked the Washington Square Park and many parts of the city.

Boucle Draped Jacket: Forever 21 | Black Sheath Dress: Calvin Klein | Belt: ASOS | Shoes: Nine West | Watch: La Mer Collections

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My flight is canceled and I am destined to rough it out in New York City with Hurricane Irene. Meanwhile, I shall distract myself with other happy thoughts, such as the Reed Krakoff Boxer Tote.

I have been thinking about it for a while now, so visiting the Reed Krakoff boutique at Madison Avenue was a priority in my itinerary.

Apologies on the blurry photos! I had to be discreet at the store. The above is the Boxer Tote, smallest size but quite roomy and big for a girl of average height.

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I had the opportunity to visit Coach in New York last week and left their office feeling that the brand could leverage more on its rich history. I was introduced to their archive, where Coach designs from its early days were stored. You will be surprised, how a bag designed in the 1950s could still relevant and trendy in the 21st century.

Like this kisslock bag in royal blue shade! The leather used in manufacturing the bags at that time was the same material used to make baseball gloves and thus is very durable. This bag is older than yours truly. Imagine that!

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I spoke too soon. A few days ago, it was raining cats and dogs in Manhattan. Yesterday, it was bright and sunny. The weather over here is like a woman with mood swings. It oscillates from one extreme to another.

Blouse: Banana Republic | Pants: Zara | Shades: D&G | Bag: Banana Republic | Flats: Salvatore Ferragamo

I was so happy with the weather that I debuted my new shoes. Thanks to everyone who helped me made my purchase decision! :)


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The weather in NYC has been erratic. On some days, it gets real warm and sunny that you could easily get a tan by spending a day outside. On other days, it gets so rainy that you almost can’t do much in the city.

Determined not to let the rain wear me down, I am seriously considering getting a pair of rain boots for wet days here.

Lace top: Victoria’s Secrets | Cardigan: Courtesy of Uniqlo | Skinny jeans: Esprit | Gold loafers: Merona | Necklace: Guess | Satin hobo: Gap

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I thought I should give some sort of warning first. Blog posts from now on could be sporadic, but I hope I can blog on the go!

Yeah, I am in New York City for 2 weeks!

Here are some photos that I took when I was in NYC many years ago. Things that I am looking forward to during this trip.

Bright lights at Time Square.

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