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I found myself taken to the idea of building my own Pandora bracelet recently. I saw a friend wearing her bracelet full of charms and she started sharing the story behind each one.

“The ‘money bag’ charm was given to me by my colleagues on my last day at the department.”, she reminisced. She was moving to a front-line role.

That romantic idea of collecting stories on a single bracelet suddenly became very appealing to me – I am not sure what took me so long though.

Anyway for those who are looking at collecting new charms on your bracelet, here is a glimpse of what’s up next at the Pandora store near you.


Introducing the “High Summer” collection, depicting a dreamy escape to a tropical, sun-kissed oasis.

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Watcha you doing this Valentine’s Day?

Single or in love, we could have fun during this occasion. Here are all the Valentine’s Day, heart-shape or sweet pinky-dovey items that would be great on the 14th day of February!


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It’s the time of the year where everything is pink and lovey-dovey. While I am certain that most of the readers of MsGlitzy.com are female, I am not sure how many male readers we have out there. Nonetheless, I am going to write a series of gift guides for Valentine’s Day which I hope will benefit both the gentlemen and the ladies. Perhaps the girls can do a better job to “hint hint” what we want from the men this year!

We ladies are like magpies because we like things that are shiny. Hence, a sure-win formula is to get her a stunning piece of jewellery!

1. For the Men with a Budget – GoldHeart Lovelle and Pink Blossom Collection

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No, I am not going to say much about Vegas-style showgirls and roulette, neither am I going to talk about the concept store of the Danish jewellery brand at Marina Bay Sands.

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