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I remember a couple of years ago, I came across some websites that allowed users to design your own shirt and leather bags. Finally, in Singapore, we ladies can let our imagination run wild and design our very own coveted shoes with The Shoe Design Studio.

Here’s the pair of shoes that I designed. Blue Leather + Teal Patent + Pink Nubuck + Black Trimming = MsGlitzy’s Special Shoes!


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Following my previous post featuring PINK things, I thought I should post up some of my favourite pink pieces from Versace for H&M.

Having previewed the collection at H&M showroom earlier this week, I think I am in love with a number of the dresses and printed pieces. And, the pink men’s leather oxfords are also very very tempting!

(clockwise from top left) Silk Fringe Dress S$349, Silk Studded Dress S$399, Pink Patented Leather Shoes S$199, Pink Leather Belt S$79.90, Mens Leather Oxfords S$159

I will share more about my upclose and personal experience with Versace for H&M collection soon. Stay tuned!

昨天刊登一篇关于”Go Pink“的文章,今天与大家分享我在Versace for H&M 系列所发掘的粉红色饰品。这个礼拜,有幸到H&M新加坡的展览室预览这个难得的限量系列。系列当中的许多连衣裙颇讨喜,除此之外,我也非常非常喜欢男装粉红色皮鞋。除了皮革的质料不错,款式也适合女生穿戴!

Images: H&M

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