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25th October is “Punk for a Day Day“. I am serious. Other than black, leather, studs and spikes, what defines punk?

Perhaps tartan? After all it is versatile and is suitable for the cold wintry season.



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It may be summer time now but it’s never too early to start planning for your winter wardrobe. Last week, we were invited to H&M‘s spanking new showroom in Singapore to preview their upcoming collection for Fall. In case you have missed the big news due to some reason or another, yes you heard it right, H&M is opening it’s first store in Singapore in early September this year!


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As I was keen to be a member of Cape Town, I bought a plaid poncho from Forever 21 a while ago at a fabulous price of US$9!

I brought it to Hong Kong thinking that the weather has turned a bit warmer.

It is of a cotton material, so it doesn’t really keep you warm in the biting cold. But this would be perfect for the weather in Singapore.


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By now, you should know I’m not as “glitzy” as my name. I am a slacker by default.

One Saturday, I brought my lomolito out for a walk. I was in my favourite denim shorts and Birkenstocks..


The plaid shirt deserves a mention. It is my vintage piece. I bought it as a brand new shirt dress when I was a teenager. More than 10 years later, plaid is back. I altered the dress to a shirt and it still fits like a tee.


In fact, the brand “Fornari” is not even in Singapore anymore.


Miss Chubby and I acting goofy.

I will wear my own vintage more often.

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