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With tonnes of beauty products out there that target our deepest concerns, and aesthetic treatments getting more and more affordable.. even simple plastic surgery seem relatively safe and more accessible than before.

I have flab at problem areas that I really hope could disappear. I have some light spots on my face that I hope an eraser could do the deed. And I was told that my prominent eye bags can only be permanently removed through surgical methods..  the list goes on. But call me a wimp, I hesitate to even try aesthetic treatments – such as IPL or laser treatment on my face.


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The keymistress tipped me off about the Socks, which prompted me to scour for socks styles on the web.

(You can drop me a mail, tweet or message if you wanna suggest any blog topic too!)

I found some pretty interesting outfits put together by the Japanese on StyleArena:

Several designers added socks into their ensemble in their Spring/Summer 2010 shows too:

Frankly, I find socks a quirky addition to the outfits and have been trying to think of ways to incorporate them. Christian Dior has demonstrated that we can look sexy and sensual in socks, so I don’t see how this can’t work. I do wonder if my employers will raise their eyebrows if I decided to show off my socks in my office garb.

What do you think? Will you ubiquitously expose your socks in Singapore?

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I am referring to Faux Fur, of course.

I have been quite intrigued by the variety of fur offerings this season and some of the fur pieces seems great for our weather. But with fur, it can be a tad tricky. You either look cool and contemporary in it, or people might pass you off as a tai-tai (rich man’s wife) wannabe.

(from left) Joie Dreamer Faux Fur Jacket – US$388, Members Only Faux Fur Vest (OOS), Graham and Spencer Fur Collar Vest US$407

(from left) Vero Moda Shaggy Yarn Waistcoat US$42.49, AX Faux Fur Shrug US$39

I think faux fur vests are suitable for Singapore’s weather, but I am undecided about this trend. Moreover, fur pieces are a challenge to store at home.

What about you? Cast a vote!

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Hi! I’m Miss Glitzy. I’m about 5 feet 9 and I wear UK size 10-14.

If you’ve seen my pictures, you’ll know that i’m not fat although under Mark Fast’s definition, I am considered “plus size”. Apparently in Korea, I’m a “plus size” too because I can’t wear anything that is tagged “free size”, 66 (M) or sometimes even 77 (L) there.

Don’t worry, this is not going to be an entry about how people shouldn’t judge by dress sizes. I’m big but I feel comfortable and I think I do look decent in my clothes. I hardly consider dieting or counting calories as an option because I’m just right for my height.

However, I notice that the avalanche of local blogshops do not seem to stock sizes beyond UK size 10 (or M). When I spot something on a blogshop that looks good, seems to be of decent quality and is easy on the pocket, I want to shrink myself very badly. Are there any Singaporean blogshops out there that sell size 10-14 clothes?

And ladies, out of my sheer curiosity, what’s your size?

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Thanks everyone for the vote of preference. Evidently, in the fast fashion world, the trendiest takes the cake, as reflected by more than 70% votes for H&M. Uniqlo grabbed 24% while GAP took home only 3%.

The Swedish company has many wildly successful, high-profile collaborations under its belt: from Karl Lagerfeld, Stella McCartney, Viktor & Rolf to Madonna, Comme des Garçons, Kylie Minogue and Matthew Williamson. The Jimmy Choo for H&M collection is also hitting the stores next month.

H&M has certainly delivered its mission of bringing “Fashion and quality at the best price”. Their collections are always on top of the latest trend and quality is acceptable for the price you pay. And for recessionistas, you can get your Jimmy Choos or Karl Lagerfeld at a fraction of its original price!


H&M! Love their funky and affordable fashion! ~AngMoGirl

H&M! H&M! H&M! Not a day goes by when I don’t think about visiting H&M and spending large quantities of money! ~ Cafe Fashionista

H&M! Maybe because it’s not available in Singapore…~Lena


The Japanese clothing chain is heading fast and furious in Singapore, slated to open a third store – and the largest SE Asian store- at 313@Somerset. Uniqlo has been widely remembered for its quality basics. If you want to get a long lasting black top at an affordable price, it’s Uniqlo. However, despite its “basic” offerings, Uniqlo’s branding remains refreshing, having featured fashion icon Agyness Deyn in its sportswear collection. The Japanese brand is no longer Asian, but global – having recently opened a megastore in Fashion Haven Paris!

Uniqlo has taken a leaf off H&M’s book by going into collaborations. The most recent partnership being it’s +J collection, which aptly marries Jil Sander’s minimalist elegance and Uniqlo’s strength in delivering quality basics.


However, there were also comments that the selection in Singapore is boring. One reasons attributed to this observation was that countries like Hong Kong and Japan have different seasons and the brand is able to showcase a wider variety of apparel. In a tropical country like Singapore, the selection is narrowed to just a limited range of spring/summer apparel.

Uniqlo’s great but not in SG, the selection they carry here is b o r i n g. ~greenlaundry

A tie between Uniqlo and H&M! But I think I like basics better, so Uniqlo! ~x-wen

Uniqlo is not selling Fashion. They sell well-made clothes. I am still wearing my first purchases from the Tokyo store in 2002. ~Martin Stewart


I recall reading an article on how GAP suffered from the economic downturn. The brand is in dire need to rebrand itself! Some remember them as a brand with great basics – but with Uniqlo rapidly widening its global footprints, GAP can’t win in the price department. Design-wise, I wasn’t quite wowed by the recent GAP design edition either.

Back in 2004-5, I was crazy over GAP hobos. There was a period where all girls on Cozycot and Flowerpod were grabbing the satin hobos which were available in a myriad of colours and on discount at only US$9.99! Back then, I vaguely remembered that the designer of the bags also worked for Marc Jacobs and many online shopaholics could still fondly remember the hay days of affordable and trendy GAP bags (with Sarah Jessica Parker as its brand ambassador).


GAP is in a different price range! ~na

Gap wins in terms of quality. ~Miss Armotif

You share your opinion not only on this blog, but also on Twitter and Facebook. And if you “become a fan” of Miss Glitzy’s Monologue on FB, you stand a chance to win something special from Uniqlo!

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Just a straightforward poll for everyone.

Which brand do you prefer?


Uniqlo – Japanese casual fashion chain for both men and women. 813 stores globally.
GAP – American casual fashion chain, for both men and women (and kids too). 3,465 stores worldwide.
H&M – European (Swedish) “fast fashion” chain for men and women. 1,800 stores in 34 countries.

I will discuss about the results in another post! Do cast a vote now!

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With the outfit posts in this blog, some friends commented that Miss Glitzy has turned into a “fashionista”. Seriously, Miss Glitzy has never been fashionably adventurous to begin with. As compared to all those style icons in the blogosphere, Miss Glitzy is probably just another OL (office lady) prancing around in the tiny corner of the globe.

In fact, Miss Glitzy has a confession to make. She repeats her outfits! Well, first she can’t afford not to. Her wardrobe and wallet aren’t big enough for a brand new outfit per day. Once in a while, she hopes to be Carrie Bradshaw – although not the part where all her wealth were invested in Manolo Blahniks.. that’s not even a well-diversified investment! It could be nice to be Alicia Silverstone in Clueless (1995) – with the computer programme that plans your brand new outfit everyday.

It doesn’t seems like a fashion sin to repeat outfits though – even celebrities repeat their clothes! Miss Glitzy recalls that Olivia Ong (the singer of The Little Nyona theme song) wore the same dress at many different occasions! On the other end of the spectrum though, Jennifer Lopez’s kids wear different clothes everyday.

In fact, Miss Glitzy’s repeat outfits are usually a full-fledged repeat – similar accessories, shoes, colour tones. Yes, Miss Glitzy can be quite a stick in the mud and finds it hard to deviate from what she thinks is the “best combination”. While it’s fun to explore new combinations, Miss Glitzy is just not creative enough to come up with something better. If there is any consolation, Michelle Obama repeated outfits in same ensemble and accessories too.

Let’s do a poll: Do you repeat outfits? What are your views on repeating outfits?

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