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I love looking at random fashion stuff on the web! I may not be a quirky dresser but I love to admire such items, sometimes have a good laugh or be inspired.

“Diamond Inside” Ring for those who do not want to be a show-off, but still wish to make the presence of that 0.5ct bling felt. [Source]


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WAGS received the most attention last week due to the European Summit. In particular, everyone was waiting eagerly for the “face-off” between Michelle Obama, the new Mrs President of the United States and Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, former model and the First Lady of France.

Both are statuesque – Mrs Obama is 1.8m tall while Mrs Sarkozy is 1.75m. Miss Glitzy is also quite tall and can empathize with both missus for their choices of kitten heels or flats. It was a pity that Mrs Sarkozy matched her grey Dior outfit (Left) with flats! It made her looked kinda frumpy. But Miss Glitzy love love love Carla’s purple coat and her entire outfit (Right)!

Another photo of the First Ladies:

Perfect in black at the NATO concert.

Ending off with the best tagline from the demonstrators at G20 summit last week:

Make Love Not Leverage.

Miss Glitzy thinks all beauty pageant contestants should remember this tagline! It’s way better than the cliche and outdated “World Peace”.

May the world be filled with love .. and just enough leverage.


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After lunch today, Miss Glitzy realised it has became extremely jarring that something is missing in her life – a passion. A passion that helps to occupy her otherwise uninteresting life. Times are bad and the morale at her workplace hasn’t been the highest. Having being in the workforce for 4 years, things appear to be stagnating.

But what can Miss Glitzy do? She is a media junkie who eats and breathes TV and Internet. Started blogging since she was 19 and  loves online shopping although she is not quite a shopaholic – this term took off a new dimension after watching “Confessions of a Shopaholic”. Blogging is probably the only thing that she has been doing on a ongoing basis for the past 8 years. Maybe she can start a new public blog and get to know more about her favourite triple Fs – Food, Fashion and anything Fun.

So everybody, welcome to Miss Glitzy’s Monologue. Let’s hope that this monologue will sustain for a fair period of time.

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