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What does Firestation means to you?

Red, emergency, uniform, hot?

Well, never did Miss Glitzy imagine that an old firestation could be transformed into a lazy chill-out place. That’s as drastic as Transformers! And it was really hard to find the place – for those who are going there, please keep a look out for a group of white buildings called “Spectra”. Make a turn in and you’ll discover the wonderland of 2 restaurants/bars.

The 2 restaurants at this out-of-the-world location is Firestation Hillside Gastrobar and RAW Kitchen Bar. While the Gastrobar is a huge 3-storey dinner and drinks area with loud music, its neighbour RAW is like the dainty sister with quaint decor and cozy mood. We went to Raw Kitchen Bar for dinner.

There was a choice of outdoor or indoor dining. We opted for indoor dining. The restaurant has a ready stock of insect repellent, which is really useful for those who were sitting outside.

UFO Gyozas ($10) It was essentially 5 gyozas stuck under a piece of circular deep fried crispy skin. Kudos to the chef for such creativity. And well, hardly anyone would go wrong with gyozas.

(Top to Bottom)

Masala Wine Lamb Chops ($24)
The sweet potato mash was very tasty!

BBQ Pork Ribs ($19)
The portion looked small but it was very filling.

Salmon Nori with Wasabi Mash and Mushrooms ($22)
This looked really tasty because the portion of salmon was huge. The wasabi potato mash was very unique and delish!

Squid Ink Rice with Sauteed Prawns and Squids and Raw Egg ($16)
Miss Glitzy ordered this from the special menu. The rice was quite fragrant and Miss Glitzy requested for half boil egg instead of raw egg – not sure whether they really serve the rice with raw egg otherwise. It was indeed a unique concoction. However, taste wise, the dish was not outstanding.

We ordered our dessert from the special menu too.

Fried Cheesecake with Strawberry Marmalade ($6) We thought we were in for a surprise, but the dessert tasted like fried ice-cream! Miss Glitzy liked the mix of hot and cold and sweet marmalade although the fried dough was a tad oily.


Miss Glitzy likes the place for being inaccessible, unique, hip and cozy. The food was simply passable but at least the price was reasonable. Miss Glitzy wouldn’t mind revisiting the place but would probably patronise its neighbour the Firestation Gastrobar.

Raw Kitchen Bar
Spectra/The Old Bukit Timah Fire Station
276 Upper Bukit Timah Road
6467 3987

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