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I noticed that I haven’t been updating much on the wine & dine front. I have been going back the same old, same old and just didn’t have any mind-blowing experience to report back. With new establishments sprouting around the island like dandelions, I have decided with a list of interesting places that I MUST VISIT!

1. Cocotte


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Published by MsGlitzy.com in: Food, Lifestyle

New fashion brands, new eateries… all under the roof of the spanking new ION Orchard shopping mall. And at the corner of Basement 2 is a unfamiliar sushi restaurant named Itacho Sushi.

The outlet at ION Orchard marks the Hong Kong restaurant’s first venture into overseas market. Started in 2005 by a guy called Ricky Cheng, Itacho Sushi is a relatively established name in Hong Kong. Apparently, the fish are air-flown from Tsukiji market in Tokyo!

To enjoy the Itacho sushi, you will have to overcome two hurdles – the long queue/wait for a table (which is pretty much the same at every eateries in ION) and the difficulty of placing an order. The order forms came in different colours for different menu items and filling up the forms was like doing homework.


Top from right: Lobster and Mango Salad Roll, Wagyu beef roll and tuna roll, Roasted Fatty Tuna sushi and Salmon roll

Middle: Scallop with shallots sushi

Bottom from right:  Mini rice (Unagi with Egg, Salmon and Salmon roe), Scallop with cod liver sushi and Roasted scallop sushi, Beancurd skin and tuna sushi (only $0.80)

Order is by per piece and prices vary every piece, ranging from $0.80 to $7.00. It was a curious case of carbohydrates overdose because Miss Glitzy and friends only ordered sushi. The sushi rice was soft and not very tightly kneaded, complementing the ingredients well.

Miss Glitzy’s personal favourite was the Wagyu Beef roll, where the wagyu beef bits was torched, releasing light fragrance and tasted slightly crispy, before melting into the mouth together with the sushi rice. The Mini Rice was a cute item, with a scoop of rice which looked like ice-cream and some ingredients on top. The Lobster and Mango Salad roll, on the other hand, was a bit of the let-down. The mango was sweet and delicious, but Miss Glitzy couldn’t really taste the lobster salad.

Overall, there were a couple of hits and misses. Itacho Sushi is definitely not for the budget-conscious but it will be remembered as the place that serves premium sushi for the masses.

Itacho Sushi
ION Orchard
2 Orchard Turn
#B2-18 ION Orchard
Singapore 238801

Tel: 6509 8911

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Published by MsGlitzy.com in: Food, Lifestyle

The High Tea buffet at Hilton starts from 12pm and end at 4pm – a great place to really sit and chill and eat at your own pace. It is not as crowded as Carousel on a Saturday afternoon – so if you need a quiet place to catch up and have free flow of food. This is the place to go.


The Dessert Station

The above photo is a glimpse of the dessert station. Too bad they don’t serve macarons!

Hilton Hotel Buffet


Miss Glitzy and friends were sorely disappointed that the hotel did not serve salmon sashimi! In terms of food variety, Carousel won hands down. Also, the noodles station expect patrons to choose the ingredients they want before handing the bowl over to the chefs for cooking. Thereafter, the patrons will add the soup (prawn noodle soup or laksa gravy) into the bowl of cooked ingredients. This is a really bizarre arrangement. Some patrons would mistake the raw ingredients on display as cooked and miss the step of passing the bowl to the chef!


Indian Apam

All in all, Hilton Hotel provides a good ambience for a cozy and relaxed gathering. The service staff were very polite and efficient and there is no long queues for food. You get to enjoy all the food you want (except for sashimi) for the whole afternoon. For $37++, Miss Glitzy reckons that it’s worth it. Oh, and UOB card holders get 15% off!

Hilton Singapore – Checkers Brasserie
581 Orchard Road
Singapore 238883
Tel: 65-67-372-233
Saturday high tea: 12-4pm

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