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In case you haven’t noticed, the retro revival trend is hitting us fast and furious this season. Poofy hair, red lips, bright florals and wearable silhouette. It’s easily said and can be easily done.  Quod erat demonstrandum.



Mod dress and gingham are essentials of the 60s! These 2 outfits above are from the upcoming Banana Republic “Mad Men” collection, that is designed in collaboration with the popular TV drama set in the era of course. The easiest way to embrace the 60s trend is simply to refer to this collection and their looks.

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Our “bathing suit” has undergone several eras and evolution, with the 1950s known widely as the “golden era” of women’s swimwear. It was during this era that corseted style “maillots” became popular and contestants started strutting in swimwear at beauty pageants.

Vintage Catalina Maillot Advertisement [source]

With the whole retro trend coming back in Spring/Summer this year, we see a similar revival in swimsuit styles today! Yes, “more is more” and sunbathing in your one-piece swimsuit can be rather sexy today.

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