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Popular Japanese brand Hada Labo has finally hit the shores of Singapore. The Super Hyaluronic Acid (SHA) Hydrating Lotion is apparently their star item and one bottle is sold every 4 seconds in Japan!

As Singapore gets more and more self-sufficient, fans of this brand do not need to fly all the way to Japan to stock up because Hada Labo is now available at Watsons!

Hada Labo provided the above 3 products to Miss Glitzy’s Monologue and my friend+reader Steph had the opportunity to try and review the products.

I have very dehydrated skin, however, due to the humidity and heat in Singapore, I find it very difficult to apply a moisturiser without feeling sticky and uncomfortable. For many years, I have stuck to SKII miracle water, because it leaves my skin feeling smooth and nourished. However, it is a very costly regime to upkeep. When I read about the Super Hyaluronic Acid (SHA) Moisturising series online, I was very excited to try the products!

SHA Hydrating Face Wash ($12.90): Usually, I use cream or gel facial washes because foams leave me feeling tightness in the cheek area. The SHA facewash, which is a foam facial wash, was gentle, effective as a cleanser and left no residual feeling, nor any feeling of tautness. Because it is unfragranced and colourant free, it is excellent for thinner and sensitive skins too. It is comparable to Cetaphil , but is foamier and cleanses better.

SHA Hydrating Lotion ($22.90): The hydrating lotion left my skin feeling silky and supple. For girls on a budget, I dare say that this product is comparable to the SKII Miracle water. For a better experience, the moisturising lotion can be left in the fridge, for a cooling and soothing treatment right in your own home. My skin felt beautifully moisturised throughout the day, in the office air conditioned environment as well as out in the humidity after work. There was no sticky feeling at all.

SHA Hydrating Essence ($30.90): This is light, and glides smoothly on the skin. This is an excellent base for makeup, and allows powder to glide on smoothly. I also travelled to Hanoi and used these products. However, the essence proved too sticky for Hanoi’s humidity in the summer.

Verdict: After two weeks of use, I have only praise for this range of Hada Labo products. Moisture is key to young, healthy skin and this range is affordable and effective. If there is one product you must buy, I urge you to get the Hydrating Lotion. For frequent travellers or cabin crew, these range of products replenish the moisture levels of the skin, but severely dry conditions or skin may need richer lotions or even oil. As for me, I think I’ll try the whitening range next!

Thanks Steph for your comprehensive review. There are opportunities for you to try and review beauty products too. Join me on Facebook and keep a look out from time to time for my shout-out!

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When I first read the tweet on “Food Blogger asked to delete post”, I was bewildered. Most of the Singaporean food reviews that I have came across online can probably be regarded as fair opinions. In general, comments are targeted towards the eateries’ service, which I assume to be factual, or towards the taste/presentation/price of the food and ambience , which are subjective.

So on what basis could the eatery sue the blogger? Is there a case to fight in the first place?

As written in the Straits Times article published on 19 Oct 2009: “Lawyers say a criticism in an entry is allowed by law if it is based on fact and made without malice.” You can find out more about the incident and different viewpoints from this article. And please judge for yourself if the blog entry in question is considered malicious here.

As a half food blogger myself, I am relatively saddened by this event. I tend to see the social media as a market place of ideas and I am very gratified to see that in Singapore, netizens are generally given many avenues to raise their opinions and share their views. In this marketplace of ideas, I believe that there are differing views, but each view stands in its own right. Take Kaelyn’s post on Obolo for instance, she may not be much of a fan of the desserts there but Miss Glitzy and friends thought rather highly of the Obolo macarons we tasted. And I think both our opinions are valid.

I spoke to a couple of people who are well-informed in the legal arena and they suggested that I should regard this episode seriously and avoid writing negative reviews. I was quite appalled by these comments, coming from people who know the law better than I do. Like a journalist who has his or her integrity, a blogger has his or her credibility at stake. I wonder if anyone will continue to read my blog if I only broadcast the good and hide the bad? Or on the other hand, will other bloggers practice self-censorship in their reviews in future?

Where do we go from here? I think there are learning points for both the bloggers and companies alike.

Companies can learn to embrace the social media. The Internet is speedy and easily accessible. There is no way they can try to control or clamp down on the content without the risk of a backlash. Being constructive and responsive towards negative feedback might help to score some PR brownie points instead.

As for the bloggers, I think the days of regarding your blog as your personal diary is long gone. If you choose to blog without a password-lock, you are writing on the public domain. If you are blogging about companies or even people, you may wish to exercise some social responsibility. Be truthful and fair, not overly emotional.

These are just my humble two-cents. Do share your views with Miss Glitzy! 🙂

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Miss Glitzy received an email from Kristinit and fell in love with the designs immediately. She managed to borrow a dress from the designer for a review!


The dress that Miss Glitzy is wearing is the “Janice dress”, which is of vintage jersey material. The material is thin and comfortable, suitable for humid weather. The ikat prints on the neckline and sleeves are attention-seeking, but never in the loud manner. What Miss Glitzy loves about the Janice dress: its unique design that you have not seen on any other dresses! The details at the sleeve, the pockets at the side and the modest slits at the skirt are great to have. If there were to be any improvement, Miss Glitzy would suggest a lining to the skirt.



Kristinit has been named “One to Watch” by Lucky Magazine and has been featured in Teen Vogue, OK Magazine, Style.com, Nylon, Agenda Mag and Apparel News. Celebrity clients include Eva Mendes, Scarlett Johansson and Julia Anderson.

The collection is currently only available in Los Angeles at FRED SEGAL and PETRO ZILLIA boutiques. The good news is, Kristinit is working to distribute in New York City too! For those residing in Singapore, you can make personal orders or request look books directly from the designer, Kristina, by emailing sales@kristinit.com or visiting the website: www.kristinit.com. Kristinit ships to Singapore!

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