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It can be a chore to brave those crazy shopping crowds in town to complete your holiday gift shopping duties. Perhaps you could consider the option of online shopping to get ready all the holiday gifts for your loved ones!

Here are some nice stuff you can consider giving your girlfriends or female relatives. I wouldn’t mind a couple of the items in this list for myself..*hint hint*


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Ooh yes, the big sale event is here again and it’s time to unleash our shopping prowess on Shopbop.com. The 25% off sale event is happening today (now) till Friday 2.55 PM (Singapore time)!

Here’s my shopping list at the sale – will have to grab these off the site soon before they are sold out because of faster fingers!


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First of all, a big THANK-YOU to friends and readers who attended #TEAandFLEA event on Saturday. I enjoyed myself immensely, I hope you did too.

Here are the photos of the event. I managed to sell 3 pieces from my stash. (Glee!)


A group picture with the bloggers, the moderator and the founder. Guess who’s who?

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Are you free next Saturday (26th Jan)?

I will be toting my wares - some pre-loved clothes and accessories - at a TEAandFLEA event next Saturday afternoon.


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With many others…

Everyone was waiting for the lucky draw. 10 lucky shoppers who had spent $100 at Mandarin Gallery won $500 shopping vouchers for more retail therapy!

Before that, I spent some time walking around the mall, browsing the sales.

This is the VIP fitting room of Huit, a lingerie shop (#02-24). This lovely room is nestled at a corner of the store, you need to look for it!

A really cool notebook from WoodWould (#03-24). I rewarded myself with a Chirpy-chirp tape dispenser ($12.90) from the store.

Exquisite stuff from MANTRA (#02-29). There is a storewide discount of 20% off. The clutch on the left has really intricate details, and is priced at $1290 before discount. If you are looking for something affordable and no less glamourous, I have found a really nice blue dress with lovely embellishments – $350 before discount.

Found a lovely reptile satchel at Retail Therapy (#02-22). That shop has all my favourite stuff! This bag is at 10% off, before discount price is $730. I also saw a cute cupcake printed cotton dress from Kooshi (#03-25). And it’s on discount at about $48!!

A group photo of all the bloggers! Laila, Dottie, Me, Sarah and Dinie! And special thanks again to Sarah for bringing an extra laptop for me!

If you missed out on the Great Night Sale event, fret not! The sales at Mandarin Gallery will continue till 27th June 2010. For details of the store discounts, check them out here.

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Ohh Kayyy.. there is a Melissa sale that is going to start at Ideelian invite-only shopping community. And that legendary Melissa + Alexandre Herchcovitch’s JOY is on sale at US$49 (50% off)! In B&W and Black. And in Miss Glitzy’s size.

Should Miss Glitzy buy these plastic shoes?

All these >50% sales online and offline are driving Miss Glitzy nuts. It’s just too hard to be a good girl and put all the money in the bank.

PS: For Vivienne Westwood Anglomania fans who have developed a crush on the 3-strap flats, you may be relieved to hear that your money is safe for now.

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Miss Glitzy just found a temporary shop that is going to be at Change Alley (Raffles Place) for only one-month clearing dresses under the WingTai stable. She is shaking with excitement as she is typing this. She felt as if she had unearthed a chamber of treasures!

From 11-22 May, clothes from Karen Millen and MaxStudio are going at great discounts at Unit #01-33. The shop is called “The Dressing Salon”. The sales assistant said Miss Selfridge will be included in the store next week and the shop will close after one month.

The current offerings are heavily discounted with most items in the range of $100-200. If you search hard enough, you might be able to find a MaxStudio pinstriped jacket at $39 or a peasant silk dress at $59. For Karen Millen, the discount pricing is same as the Isetan sale which was about 50-80% off. Most of the items are available in UK Size 8 or 10.

Overheard while shuffling dresses on the rack:
A,”Oh man, I’m gonna be stuck here for long. I hope my boss takes a long lunch today.”

Now, you know how dangerous that place is. Strictly not for those on shopping ban. And one last bit, selected shoes and leather products are on sale too!

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