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Thanks to OMY and UIP, Miss Glitzy was invited to the premiere of Star Trek at GV Grand and boy she had never been a trekker and had zilch knowledge on the legacy of the story and its characters. Well, she certainly returned with an unforgettable visual experience. On the drive back, Miss Glitzy likened herself as captain of the USS Enterprise and every turn of the steering wheel felt like navigation in space.

This movie, aptly titled as “The Future Begins”, was structured as a prequel to the rest of the story in the previous 10 Star Trek movies and therefore newbies like Miss Glitzy was hooked to the storyline fast enough, albeit missing the essence of some classics along the way. The whole movie was rejuvenised with fresh-faced characters, contemporary setting and really sleek spacecraft and gadgets. There was a good mix of emotions, excitement and geek talk which would certainly appeal to a wide variety audience.

5 things that Miss Glitzy loved about the movie (no spoilers!)

1. Beaming is way too cool! It’s a more scientific way to transport people across different space/zones through fixing location of the target. You use algorithm and vectors!  Teleporting with port keys is more inconvenient. With beaming, you just need someone in the spacecraft to lock your position and voila!

2. Spock’s hairdo is gonna be such a hit. It’s timeless classic – like the Chanel 2.55… and it’s cool to look like a Vulcan and sense of reliability is to-die-for. Nobody likes emo drama mamas. And look, Sarah Harding emulated the hairstyle recently and looked extraordinaire.

3.  The Vulcan salute (as seen on Spock above). Miss Glitzy shall do no air kiss, thumbs up or high 5 in future. It’s gonna be replaced by ‘live long and prosper’ and the Vulcan hand gesture.

4. Testosterone is bountiful.There is no lack of men in this movie! The only female characters were probably Uhura and erm… Spock’s mom? Chris Pine is the rash and don’t-carish hero while Zachary Quinto is the serious and dependable one. And Eric Bana as the baddie! BUT… Chris Hemsworth who acted as George Kirk is the hottest! Absolutely smoking hot in that old school leotard-like spacesuit!

5. Young guys are cuter. The 17-year-old Pavel Chekov (by Anton Yelchin, above left) was the most likeable character in the movie! The Russian accent really tickles and that mock earnest look just nailed it. Miss Glitzy is turning paedophilic.

The only no-no?

Headset that looks like a syringe. Too morbid. Not cool.

Star Trek will open in Singapore on 8th May 2009. Go catch it and unravel the attraction of this cult fiction!

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