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If you are looking for a day moisturiser with brightening properties, SPF and could be also used as a makeup base, look no further. Such multi-purpose product does exist!


Shiseido White Lucent All Day Brightener SPF 36


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This year, Shiseido White Lucent (SWL) launched 3 new cosmetic products into its suite of whitening series – the Brightening Spot Control Base, Brightening Spot Control Foundation and Brightening Skincare Powder. These three products are makeup items with skincare benefits, and serve to enhance the whitening effect from the SWL skincare range.


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As some of you might have already know, 14th March is the White Day. A day after Valentine’s Day, this day is celebrated at Korea and Japan when males who received a  “chocolate of love” on Valentine’s Day are expected to return the favor by giving gifts. Shiseido decided to take White Day to another level to promote the importance of whitening on this day via a regional campaign.

In Hong Kong,  actress Fala Chen gave her pledge to pure, bright skin.


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Recently, there have been an avalanche of whitening product launches by various beauty brands. I was told that the March-April period is the beginning of the “whitening season”, probably because summer is approaching and sun protection becomes essential.

As most of you probably know, I have been using Shiseido White Lucent series on and off for a year now. I will also share with you 2 ranges of whitening products concocted specially for Asian skin types from Clarins and Elizabeth Arden in this post.


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Over the weekend, I headed to the Shiseido Booth outside Tangs Orchard for a pampering experience with X-Wen.

Image: Shiseido


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Thanks to Shiseido, I was one of the 4 ladies featured in the Shiseido White Lucent advertorial on today’s Urban.

This was also the day I realised that modeling is no mean feat! I am ashamed to be one of those who used to think that modeling is easy money. I have now developed new-found respect to the professional models.

With Iris from Shiseido and Pearlin.

We were told to bring our own clothes for the shoot and the theme was white, off white or light pink. Most of my dresses are brightly-coloured, printed or black. I managed to find my white H&M mod dress, Max Azria dusty pink dress and my BYSI pink satin top. Eventually the white dress was selected.

I really love this photo! Too bad it wasn’t selected for the final ad. They flipped my face such that my more photogenic right profile aka the ‘good side’ became my left profile.

There were 4 of us, so it felt like Sex and the City or Cashmere Mafia… although less glamourous. All 4 of us clicked really well and we found our common link besides being Shiseido White Lucent users!

<< I was barefooted because my skycrapers were too painful. I was staring at Janice’s hair while Janice and Christine were staring at my eye brows. I am not sure where Pearlin was fixated on.

If you would like to meet all of us to find out more about our White Lucent experience, you can sign up for the Shiseido skincare workshop by calling Susan at 6732 3793 to find out more. The workshop will be held on 15 May, 2-4pm.

In conjunction with this feature, I am giving away a Shiseido White Lucent whitening kit (worth $75).

The set consists of a White Lucent cleansing foam, softener and protective emulsion (moisturizer).

The lucky winner will also receive a free skin check at a Shiseido beauty counter. All you have to do is to “like” Miss Glitzy’s Monologue on Facebook (aka join the Facebook group) and either tag your name or leave a comment on this picture. Every friend you refer to my Facebook group entitles you one extra chance of winning! Please email me your friend’s names for verification purposes.

This giveaway closes on Sunday, 9th May 12pm and I will pick the winner randomly.

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The Shiseido White Lucent range is a line with more than 12 products that aims to present a complete approach to perfect radiance. After all ,whitening is not about turning pale and ghostly white, but the whole concept is to brighten and enhance your skin tone.

I had a set of 5 White Lucent products that I used in the correct sequence to gauge if my skin reached the level of radiance that Shiseido promises. I tried the products for one month.

One blanket view on Shiseido products, they are generally quite gentle on the skin. For the impatient ones, this means that you need more time with the products to reach the desired effect. However, I always have the peace of mind when using Shiseido skincare knowing that I would not break into rashes or have pimples.

1. White Lucent Brightening Cleansing Foam ($57)

I love the cleanser because it gets foamy after a light lather. I really enjoy washing my face with the foamy cleanser and touching my face after cleansing. My face feels spotlessly clean and oil-free. It is supposed to have brightening effect too, although I think that the impact was gradual.

2. White Lucent Brightening Balancing Softener ($79)

I was told that Shiseido does not believe in Toner before Serum. Instead, they introduced  the “Softener” which softens your skin and open your pores. This prepares your skin for better penetration and thus, better absorption of the serum. The texture of the softener feels like a toner to me and it does soften the skin after use – which would allow the spot targeting serum to achieve its maximum effect. As a standalone, the softener does not achieve any effect (since it is to be used hand-in-hand with the serum) and I feel that the hefty price tag of the softener could be a huge deterrent.

3. White Lucent Intensive Spot Targeting Serum ($159)

This was marketed as the “most powerful whitening serum ever”. The regime is to massage the serum on the face after applying the softener. I only used the serum at night, although it can be used in the day too. The serum is one of my favourite products (after the cleanser) because of its light and dewy texture.  It gets absorbed very quickly too. My skin tone was visibly fairer and I noticed that I was able to carry my makeup colours a lot better. One other claim of the serum is the ability to get rid of stubborn spots. After 4 weeks of usage, I could tell that the spots had lightened, but they were not totally eliminated. I guess I needed more patience to get rid of them.

4. Day Moisturizer – Brightening Protective Emulsion ($85)

I like the texture of this SPF 15 moisturizer. It is white, slightly watery, light and not too greasy. I use this as a makeup base and I think it does serve some brightening, sun protection and moisturizing purpose.

5. Night Moisturizer – Brightening Moisturizing Gel ($90)

The night moisturizer is gel-like and richer than the day moisturizer. It keeps my skin supple and hydrated but I would have preferred my night moisturizer to have some firming benefits too. I added more night moisturizer on my eye bags every night and I think coupled with the effect from the serum, the dark eye circles indeed diminished.


If you are constantly troubled by dull skin and pigmentation, I think the White Lucent series, especially the serum, will be able to help you solve your problems. And rest assured, you will not turn ghostly white as the products do have brightening effect for radiance.

However, I wish Shiseido could pack more ingredients into their products to introduce other effects such as firming and pore minimizing. Now I really hope there is this single power-packed product that just solves all the common skin problems! And I’m willing to pay more for that!

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