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Another foreign brand has set up shop in Singapore and I believe some of us, including readers of this blog, would have heard of this name.

I stumbled across Kurt Geiger two years back just before my London trip – and I bought a pair of shoes from the brand to be delivered to my London address. Fast forward two years later, Kurt Geiger opened its first store in Singapore at Marina Bay Sands in April.



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I always feel like a girl in the candy store when I step into Christian Louboutin store located at Level 2 of Takashimaya.

Sexy heels! Red lacquered soles. Studs and bling. And plush carpeting and sofa for you to lounge around and enjoy a glass of refreshment…

The store at Takashimaya has shifted a few units away and is now bigger and boasts a wider collection of shoes. I had a tour around the store, admiring the latest Fall/Winter collection from the designer. It was quite a visual feast as Christian Louboutin extended on his signature opulent, dramatic style.



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Woo! The very special Sanrio x Dr Martens boots are finally coming to town.. on 1st September!


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Jimmy Choo for H&M will hit stores tomorrow, 14 November.

The collection felt like Serena van der Woodsen’s wardrobe – even the model looks like Blake Lively, if you refer to H&M’s website.



The shoe collection – mostly stilettos – is reasonably priced between US$99-149. Absolutely a great reason for shoe lovers to go binge-shopping. Sadly, the heels are beyond acceptable height for Miss Glitzy. The flats fail to wow, except for this pair of very unique reptile “preens” studded oxfords (US$149)!


Clothes and accessories wise, Miss Glitzy loves the collection for the glamourous and glitzy outfits – leather, tassles, faux fur and sequins! But at about US$129-249 for a dress, they seem a tad pricey.

So no, Miss Glitzy will not fly to Shanghai or Hong Kong or anywhere just to get a piece of affordable Choo.

For closeups of the collection, you could visit the gallery on Fabsugar.

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Miss Glitzy has a confession to make.

Guess what?

She hates shoe shopping!!!

Her size 41 feet has been ostracised in Singapore. No one loves size 41 feet. Pretty shoes come in the largest size of size 9 or 39/40. Or if they are available in size 41, they are usually (in fact, 99% of the time) out of stock.

You can’t believe how many times Miss Glitzy had stepped into a shoe shop, fell in love with a decent pair of shoes, approached the service staff only to hear that earth-shattering news that the shoes aren’t available. Sometimes, some persistent staff would bring out smaller sizes for Miss Glitzy to try (her luck). And that only made things even more heart wrenching!


Photo credits: Flickr

Interestingly, none of the shoe shop that stocks size 41 has ever offered to check with other branches on availability if the shoes are out of stock. It baffles Miss Glitzy why the service staff refuse to go the extra mile just to help a really love(shoe)lorn customer.

areyoubeingserveSo, as part of the “Are You Being Served?“, Miss Glitzy will be out to do some shoe shopping and evaluate the service standard of the staff. She is determined and resolute to finally get a pair of highly popular to-die-for size 41 ladies’ footwear and the patience of the service staff shall be tested in the process.

Meanwhile, do drop by the site to read some of the missions that the service squad has accomplished!

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